Top new videos: David Bowie, Kendrick Lamar, Bat For Lashes + a Screaming Females Art Open gone wild

February 27, 2013 in Alternative, Classic Rock, Electro, Electronica, Electropop, Experimental, Garage Rock, Glam Metal, Indie, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rap

Kool A.D. – “Moneyball” {Experimental Rap/Hip Hop}

This music video will have you feeling one of three things: A) Intrigued B) Totally confused C) Okay we lied, you’re probably going to feel more like B. But at least after watching it you can say that you’ve seen a grown man bathe in flowers and banana peels.

Frightened Rabbit – “Backyard Skulls” {Pop/Rock}

In this day in age when a new Frightened Rabbit video is as common as Adele winning another goddamn music award, it’s nice to come across a video from the band that doesn’t give us the case of the sads (like this or this). Plus that janitor can pull off better dance moves than me after three White Russians…and that’s not saying a lot.

Matt & Kim – “It’s Alright” {Pop}

By now you should know that a mere few minutes spent watching a Matt & Kim music video is a mere few minutes well spent, and this one is no exception. Count on Matt & Kim to pull of a choreographed dance routine without even leaving their bed.

David Bowie – “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” {Psych Rock}

Watching David Bowie transform from an androgynous, drug addicted Ziggy Stardust into an old dude wearing a cardigan is a mindfuck in itself, but seeing Tilda Swinton act in a Bowie music video is crazier than her character in We Need To Talk About Kevin; (I don’t care how great Burn After Reading was, she will always be known as crazy Eva in my eyes).

Screaming Females – “Poison Arrow” {Garage Rock}

The latest music video from Screaming Females is about a group of artists (AKA dudes in drag) who are trying to take down a “hot new artist” named Mentrose White. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but things get pretty crazy at the annual Screaming Females Art Open.

Young Dreams – “First Days of Something” {Indie Rock}

The Norwegians are big on releasing music videos based on everyday people (like the meth-addicted maniac in Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse”), only this character is slightly more on the normal side. (He likes watching porn and has an out-of-control obsession with palm trees – who doesn’t?)

SSION – “High” {Electropop}

I don’t know what’s sexier: Seeing our favourite Freddie Mercury look-a-like sporting a hot mullet or his hypnotic karaoke skills? Actually scratch that, the old lady making out with the giant fortune cookie is an obvious winner.

Bat For Lashes – “Lillies” {Alternative Pop}

Don’t be fooled by the intro to this music video, because halfway through some furry monsters appear out of nowhere, and then the video takes some kind of weird and crazy turn while Natasha Khan gets borderline molested by her new furry friends. Peter Sluszka directs.

Kendrick Lamar – “Poetic Justice” ft. Drake {Rap/Hip Hop}

Shit gets heavy in Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video, which features Drake, leading lady Brittany Sky and a helluvalota bruises and violence. The video was supposed to also include a cameo from Janet Jackson (guess that didn’t happen), but is still a great watch for anyone who can appreciate a music video with a lot of depth, storyline and cinematography.

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Top new videos: Primal Scream, Kate Nash, Tyler, The Creator + Jim James serenading a buffalo head

February 21, 2013 in Alt-Folk, Alternative, Electronic, Electropop, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rap, Rock, Screamo, Top 2013

Jim James – “A New Life” {Alt-Folk/Rock}

We could sit here all day and talk about how excited we are for Jim James’ solo debut and how much he looks like Jesus, but all of this seems minuscule after feasting our eyes on this music video (which is the first for his new album Regions of Light and Sound of God). Who knew Jimmy boy had a secret buffalo fetish?

Kate Nash – “3AM” {Pop}

Any chick can relate to Kate Nash’s latest music video, only because we all know what it’s like to toss and turn in the middle of the night because you’re thinking about some dude with an unfortunate eyebrow situation. And fantasizing about eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Kvelertak – “Bruane Brenn” {Hardcore/Rock}

This is by far one of the best music videos we’ve seen so far in 2013, (only because there’s just something so right about seeing cute little Norwegian children pretending to be screamcore-ing maniacs). The track is off Kvelertak’s forthcoming sophomore album, Meir, which is being released on March 25th via Roadrunner.

SUUNS – “2020” {Psych Rock}

Count on a Canadian band to release a music video that puts a strain on the good ol’ eyeballs (we live in igloos; our eyeballs are immune to bright light strain). The track is off their new album Images Du Futur (out March 5th via Secretly Canadian) and the video was directed by visual artist Sabrina Ratté.

Passion Pit – “Carried Away” {Electropop}

This video stars actress Sophia Bush (opposite the Passion Pit-ter vocalist) as they play a dysfunctional couple who struggle with every inch of their being not to stab each other to death with a pair of scissors; (hey, we’ve all been there).  The video was shot by cinematographer Ben Richardson (Beasts of the Southern Wild), and was directed by Benjamin and Alex Brewer.

Tyler, The Creator – “Domo 23” {Rap/Hip/Hop}

Tyler, the Creator has released yet another amazingly entertaining video, only this time he’s starring as a wrestler named Fookie Bookie (yes, Fookie Bookie) who battles it out against his fellow Odd Future bandcamp Domo Genesis. Sometimes wrestling and rapping just don’t mix.

Primal Scream – “2013” {Alternative Rock}

It’s been five long years since we’ve heard any new material from Primal Scream, so needless to say seeing the video for the first single off their new album was the highlight of our week; (plus using a moth as a metaphor is kinda hot).

Cold Mailman – “My Recurring Dream” {Alternative Rock}

Oslo’s Cold Mailman were clearly on a mission to release one of the most tripped out, beautifully shot music videos of the year; (okay so maybe we’re easily swooned by reverse-shot effects in music videos). The video was directed by André Chocron and the track is off their new album Heavy Hearts which is due out this April.

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Rex Manning Day’s Top Tracks of 2012 {Part 3}

December 26, 2012 in Alt-Country, Alternative, Cabaret Pop, Classic Rock, Disco, Electronic, Electropop, Garage Rock, Instrumental, New Wave, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Rock, Soul, Top 2012, Tropical Pop, Uncategorized

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 4} {PART 5}

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Black Mold” {Garage Rock}

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion were a huge thing back in the day (thanks to tracks like “Bellbottoms,” “She Said” and “Flavor“), but this beast of a song is proof that not all rock bands from the 1990s burned out at the dawn of the millennium. Plus the single comes with an awesome music video, what’s not to like?

Beat Connection – “Saola” {Tropical Pop}

Okay so maybe we’re breaking our own rule by including a band that has already been featured on our Top Albums of 2012 list, but this track is so fucking epic we just had to include it. It’s the kind of song that builds after the second verse, so if you’re a fan of Vampire Weekend and/or listen to the entire track we can guarantee it will bring you from a two to a ten in seconds.

Todd Terje – “Inspector Norse” {Electronic/Disco}

Todd Terje is truly a saviour for the (supposedly) “dying” disco scene that has been rocking the indie music world these past few years. In 2012 alone he remixed everyone from Hot Chip to Bombay Bicycle Club, but it was this hit that eventually won us over to the Norwegian DJ. We must have listened to this track at least a hundred times in the past six months, and it was hands-down one of our “numero uno” favourites of the year.

Cat Power – “Cherokee” {Alternative Rock}

We were a little worried about our beloved Cat Power after hearing about the crapton of problems she’s been dealing with as of late, but after six long years she finally released her new album (Sun) which was inspired by her nasty break-up with actor Giovanni Ribisi. And although it may not be as epic as her previous releases (“He War” – need we say more?), this single, along with “King Rides By,” stood out from the rest this past year.

Beck – “Cities” {Electronic/Instrumental}

In 2012 we saw Beck continue his reputation of being totally random and awesome, as he not only released a book of sheet music (Song Reader) consisting of 20 new songs, he even released not one, but three singles for the brand new Playstation game Sound Shapes. Is there anything Beck can’t do?

Ladyhawke – “Blue Eyes” {Pop/Rock}

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Ladyhawke’s second album Anxiety; and although the album got mixed reviews in the press, this single helped keep the kiwi songstress in a lot of music headlines this past year. This is the first single off the album, which was also recently remixed by Jacques Renault; (listen to it via Soundcloud here).

Houndmouth – “Penitentiary”{Alt-Country/Classic Rock}

Now that The Civil Wars and Father John Misty have helped make alt-country “hip” again, it’s time to focus our attention on the ton of other similar artists that have been flying under the radar in the music world. Plus any dude that sounds like Bob Dylan deserves a good listen.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)” {Psych Rock}

Just when we were starting to get bummed about not being able to include any UMO tracks in our end-of-year lists, the Portland group goes and posts a brand new single whilst recording their second full-length album; (which will be released on February 5th). If you dig the tune then make sure you feast your eyes and ears on this bad boy.

ONUINU – “Happy Home” {Electropop}

The first time we heard this track we were instantly reminded of the awesomeness that is Neon Indian (AKA the brainchild of Alan Palomo), but since he didn’t release an album this year ONUINU (whose real name is Dorian Duvall) is the perfect substitute for our electro withdrawals.

White Lung – “Bag” {Punk}

Sure the Japandroids are great, but White Lung are proof that there’s a lot more awesome punk music to be discovered in the underground Vancouver music scene. Their previous releases helped them earn nominations from everyone that matters in the Canadian music industry (like Exclaim! and the Canadian Music Week Indie Awards), but maybe, just maybe their new (Sorry) will finally help make them a household name after six years in the biz.

Electric Guest – “This Head I Hold” {Pop/Soul}

Easily one of the most talked about tracks of the year, “This Head I Hold” helped put Electric Guest on the musical map this past year; (oh who are we kidding, we all know it’s because one of the band members is the younger brother of Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island). But celebrity connections aside this track was easily one of the best to come out of 2012.

Craft Spells – “Burst” {New Wave/Rock}

Craft Spells is one of the many bands that gets overlooked by music critics, but once you give them a shot (and/or if you’re a fan of Joy Division) then you can truly grasp the genius behind the music. This track is off their brand new Gallery EP which was released via Captured Tracks.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Only In My Dreams” {Psych Pop}

We fell in love with Ariel as soon as we saw his pink mop heard the deliciously cheesy “Round and Round” back in 2010, and although he may not have the best albums he certainly has a ton of solid singles. Their sound may not be for everyone, but with a lot of time, patience and Avant-Garde love, this dude is bound to win you over.

Ami Saraiya & The Outcome – “I’m Pregnant” {Cabaret Pop}

Blame it on the buzz surrounding Fiona Apple’s latest album or the fact that people don’t recognize true talent when they hear it, but Ami Saraiya’s new album Soundproof Box has been left out of a ton of year-end lists, and it’s a damn shame. Saraiya is currently working on a stop-animation music video, and to help make it as epic as the one below we highly recommend that you donate to her fundraiser campaign here.

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Top new tracks: Atoms for Peace, Band of Horses, Crystal Fighters + Todd Terje remixes Hot Chip

September 13, 2012 in Alternative, Disco, Dream Pop, Electronic, Electropop, Experimental, Folk, Free downloads, Funk, Garage Pop, Garage Rock, Pop, Punk, R&B, Rap, Soul, Surf Pop, Surf Rock, Uncategorized

Teen Daze – “Union” ft. Frankie Rose {Electronic/Dream Pop}

British Columbia’s Teen Daze has joined forces with none other than Frankie Rose (of Vivian Girls/Dum Dum Girls) for this track, which is the second single off The Inner Mansions. The LP is set to be released November 6th via Lefse.

FIDLAR – “Cheap Beer” {Rock/Punk}

This brand new track from L.A.’s hottest punk band is off their forthcoming debut LP which is expected to be released in 2013 via Mom + Pop. The band is currently touring with The Hives, so if you’re lucky enough to live in the California area you best be checking out their upcoming shows here.
For more info on FIDLAR click here.

Atoms for Peace – “Default” {Electronic/Experimental}

Atoms for Peace (otherwise known as the supergroup consisting of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, RHCP’s Flea, and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich), have just revealed a brand new tune which was released as a single on iTunes on September 10th. The other day Yorke announced on Radiohead’s website that an Atoms for Peace album is currently in the works, but it won’t be released until sometime next year.

Fear of Men – “Mosaic” {Surf Rock}

London/Brighton’s Fear of Men have become one of the most talked about bands of the year, and their debut EP Early Fragments isn’t even out until 2013. If you dig the track keep an eye out for the limited-edition blue vinyl 7″ of the single, which is out October 15th.

Band of Horses – “Slow Cruel Hands of Time” {Folk/Rock}

This is the second single off Band of Horses’ new album Mirage Rock, which will finally be released this month; (along with a slew of other awesome releases). In case you haven’t already seen the video for the first single off the album (“Knock Knock”) click here.

Taken by Trees – “Large” {Indie Pop}

Sweden’s Taken by Trees AKA the former Concretes vocalist Victoria Bergsman just debuted the second single off her forthcoming album Other Worlds, which is set to be released October 2nd via Secretly Canadian. The album was produced by Henning Fürst from the Tough Alliance, and was inspired by Bergsman’s recent trip to Hawaii.

The Joy Formidable – “Cholla” {Rock}

Here’s yet another single off the Welsh trio’s upcoming second album Wolf’s Law, which is expected to be released in January of next year. The group just debuted the official music video for the track yesterday; to check it out click here.

How to Dress Well – “& It Was U” {R&B/Soul} + Free download

Total Loss, the new album from Brooklyn’s How to Dress Well is out September 17th, so frontman Tom Krell wasted no time in debuting its first single. If you dig the track make sure you snag its free download.

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – “Love is All I Got” {Electronic/Rap}

This collaborative track between the UK-based folk/pop band Crystal Fighters and Feed Me first premiered on BBC 1’s Radio with Zane Lowe; although there’s still no word as to whether it will be included on an upcoming release from either group.

Matt and Kim – “Now” {Electropop} + Free download

This is the second single off Matt and Kim’s upcoming full length album Lightning (which is out October 2nd), and you can download the track for free if you give the duo some “Like” love on Facebook. To check out the dribble-tastic video for the album’s first single “Let’s Go” click here.

The Zolas – “Knot in My Heart” {Alternative Rock}

This track is off the Vancouver-based band’s forthcoming second album Ancient Mars which is set to be released on October 2nd via Light Organ Records. The album was produced by Chuck Brody, who has previously worked with the likes of Phantogram and Wu-Tang.

Sea Pinks – “A Pattern Recognition” {Garage/Surf Pop}

Our favourite Belfast band is back with a brand new album Freak Waves, which was released on September 3rd via Belfast’s own CF/Recs. This is the third album from the group, which consists of the members of another popular Belfast-based band Girls Names.
For more info on Sea Pinks click here.

Hot Chip – “How Do You Do” (Todd Terje Remix) {Electronic/Disco}

We don’t usually dig remixes, but with Todd Terje remixing Hot Chip, you can’t really go wrong. The original track is off Hot Chip’s latest album In Our Heads which was released this past June; to check out the video for one of the album’s singles (“Night & Day”) click here.

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Wind – “Cathedral” {Psych Rock}

July 9, 2012 in Psychedelic Rock

Sleep (2012)

This Norwegian psychedelic rock group has earned a reputation over the past few years for their improvised live performances, and now the band has debuted a brand new EP which is said to contain two improvised recorded tracks as well.

The band formed in Drammen, Norway back in 2007 (although they have since located to Oslo), and have received rave reviews in the press for their electrifying live performances. The trio’s sound is said to be influenced by the spiritual jazz genre as well as psychedelic rock from the 1960s, and folk music from the Middle East.

Their new 10″ EP Sleep was produced by Ask Frederik Berg, and you can buy it for $3.99 via iTunes

Top new music videos: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Brendan Benson + Shia’s LaBeef

June 25, 2012 in Alternative, Americana, Disco, Electro, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Gypsy, Instrumental, New Wave, Pop, Rock, Top 2012, World Music

Sigur Rós – “Fjögur Píanó” {Instrumental} (NSFW)

Thanks to the latest music video from the band’s “Mystery Film Experiment” series, you’ll never be able to watch Transformers the same way again. Even though the star of this video is actor Shia Labeouf, believe it or not the real star is actually the beautiful butterfly…oh who am I kidding, we all know it’s Shia’s hairy peen.

Baio – “Sunburn Modern” {Instrumental/World Music}

Chris Baio (AKA the bassist of Vampire Weekend) has just revealed the first single off his three-track solo EP Sunburn, and its video documents the trials and tribulations of an everyday mannequin as she struggles to find a place in the real world; (mannequins are real people too yo).

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Everybody’s On The Run” {Pop/Rock}

I don’t know what disgusted me more: The fact that actress Mischa Barton stars in this music video or the fact that I had to watch her “act” in leopard print bra. Nevertheless it’s great to see that Noel isn’t taking the back seat to Liam’s ego any more.

SSION – “Earthquake” {Electronic/Pop}

Shot in the band’s hometown of Kansas City, this music video is described as a coming-of-age love story between an “enigmatic instigator and an alien-brother-lover;” (okay then).  The track is off the band’s forthcoming album Bent which is set for release on September 18th.

Emil Friis – “Sand in Your Eyes” {Folk/Americana}

He may be Danish but Emil Friis definitely knows how to channel a mean Americana vibe. The video was directed and edited by Niels Buchholzer, and the track is off Friis’ forthcoming album which is expected to be released sometime this fall.

Brendan Benson – “Pretty Baby” {Alternative Rock}

Get ready to nurse those nasty Raconteurs withdrawals, because Brendan Benson has just revealed the first single off his solo album What Kind of World which was released under his own label Readymade Records. The video was directed by Young Hines (who is also on Readymade’s roster) and both acts are currently touring together as well; (more info here).

Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds” {New Wave}

This mini B-movie of a music video actually made its debut on the LED billboard at Manhattan’s Time Square (thanks a new initiative called Art Takes Time Square). Apparently scenes of the video were based off of a novel called Night of the Silver Sun, which was written by the band’s frontman (George Lewis Jr.) and Eric Green.

FM Belfast – “DeLorean”{Electropop}

Directed by Magnús Leifsson, the latest music video from Iceland’s FM Belfast tells the story of a sad man with a sad hobby for sad little trinkets; (and I thought my life was depressing). The single is off the band’s 2011 album Don’t Want to Sleep.

Todd Terje – “Inspector Norse” {Electro/Disco}

The latest music video from the Norwegian producer Todd Terje is actually an excerpt from the short film Whateverest (which was directed by Kristoffer Borgli). Watch actor Marius Solem Johansen trip out and pull some non-stop, cracked-out dance moves while he looks out at the ocean, rides a bicycle, cooks some meth…you know, the usual stuff.

Family Band – “Night Song” {Experimental}

This slideshow of “stupid, crude images” is said to be based off of the cover art of Family Band’s forthcoming LP Grace & Lies, and was created thanks to cameraman Joshua Allen shooting footage of Kim Kran’s face, and then lapping a series of drawings over her image.

Yellow Ostrich – “The Shakedown” {Rock}

This track is off the band’s forthcoming LP Strange Land, and apparently this video was self-directed by the band in one of their basements; (props to the band for spending the majority of their filming budget on glow-in-the-dark supplies).

El Perro Del Mar – “Innocence is Sense” {Electronic/Experimental}

This Swedish songstress (whose real name is Sarah Assbring) brings on the creep in full force with her latest music video, which is said to be inspired by the 70s indie horror/noir film movement. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Swede pull off some awesome interpretive dance moves…but what’s with the eggs?


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Rex Manning Day’s Top Tracks of 2012 {Part 2}

June 13, 2012 in Alternative, Electronic, Electropop, Experimental, Funk, Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Soul, Surf Pop

{PART 1} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5}

Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built” {Garage Rock}

First, I’d like to personally thank the Japandroids for helping make the Vancouver rock scene bad ass again. Second, the band’s recent album Celebration Rock is proof that the duo is still capable of writing great adrenaline-fueled, fist-pumping music.

Izabo – “I Like It” {Pop/Funk}

With tinges of psychedelic rock, funk, soul and Middle Eastern music, this falsetto-friendly track is off Life is on my Side, which was released May 21st via 100% Records; (and P.S. whoever it is that Izabo “likes” should really help a brother out).
Watch the official music video for “I Like It” here.

American Royalty – “Matchstick” {Soul/Electronic}

If being described as an “impossible cross between The Black Keys and Boyze Noize” isn’t a good enough reason for you to give this band a chance, then I don’t know what is. This track is off the Matchstick EP, which was released February 14th.
Watch the official music video for “Matchstick” here.  

Chris Holm – “When I Die” {Pop/Rock}

We’ll be the first to admit that this track may be overshadowed by the star of its music video (AKA horse-boy), but this “Norwegian he-popper” has been making his mark in the Norwegian music scene over the past few years thanks to his contributions to other Bergen-based acts like Young Dreams, Bloody Beach, Sondre Lerche and The Alexandria Quartet.
Watch the official music video for “When I Die” here.

The Walkmen – “Heartbreaker” {Alternative Rock}

I’m a little disappointed in The Walkmen for releasing an album during the summer season when they know very well that they are a winter band; (see “In the New Year,” “While I Shovel the Snow,” “Seven Years of Holiday,” and “The North Pole“). Having said that, we are fully prepared to listen to their latest album Heaven non-stop for the duration of the summer, because we’re die-hard Walkmen fans like that.

Liars – “No. 1 Against the Rush” {Experimental Rock/Electronic}

We fell in love with this track before we saw that one of the band members rocked a wicked mullet, but awesome hairdos aside this is definitely another band to keep your ears out for in the near future. The track is off their latest album WIXIW, which was just released this month via Mute Records.

POND – “You Broke My Cool” {Indie/Psych Rock}

We’ll give credit to any band who can pull off morphing a Pink Floyd-esque intro into a Modest Mouse-sounding verse and chorus, but the fact that they recorded their recent album Beard, Wives, Denim in an old farmhouse in Western Australia makes them that much cooler.
Watch the official music video for “You Broke My Cool” here.  

Jordsy – “Safe in Sound” {Indie Rock}

If you think that the Canadian Prairies are full of musicians who “stomp in bathtubs while playing the cat,” then you’re sorely mistaken. The song is off Jordsy’s recent New Age EP, which was released digitally back in March via his own record label, Sweet Knuckle Records. (If you dig the tune then don’t forget to get it for free at Jordsy’s Soundcloud page).
For more info on Jordsy click here.  

Clock Opera – “Man Made” {Rock/Electro}

You ain’t fooling me Clock Opera; I get that you’re using Freddie Mercury to win us over…and it’s totally working. Even though their latest album Ways to Forget got a luke-warm review by NME, this track is definitely one of its highlights.

Tennis – “My Better Self” {Surf Pop}

Before the surf rock phenomenon truly hit off a couple of years ago, the two members of Tennis were off gallivanting on a sailboat around the East Coast and writing songs inspired by their sunny journey. By the time their voyage was over, other bands like Best Coast and The Drums were already paving the way for the surf rock movement, but at least Tennis has a better story.

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Top new music videos: Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros, Hot Chip, Thom Yorke + Father John Misty

May 24, 2012 in Alt-Country, Alternative, Electro, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Free downloads, Goth Punk, Minimalist, Pop, Progressive Metal, Punk, Rock, Soul, Top 2012

MS MR – “Hurricane” {Pop}

Prepare yourself for some crazy visuals, because MS MR’s latest music video is pretty full on; (the band even warned their Twitter followers that it may “induce popilepsy”). If you dig the track you should head on over to the band’s official website and snag the free download.

Grimes – “Nightmusic” {Experimental}

In the famous words of OfftheRadar: “Canadians are weird.” But Grimes aren’t just Canadian…they’re Quebecois; (meaning they should be nothing less than eccentrically awesome). Vocalist Claire Boucher is originally from Vancouver, and the latest single off the band’s 2012 Visions album which was recorded in Grimes’ apartment.

The Eversons – “Could it Ever Get Better?” {Indie Rock}

Based out of New Zealand, this Kiwi band just released the first single off their debut album Summer Feeling, and its video was created by Trophy Wife Productions using stop motion animation and felt.

Friends – “Mind Control” {Electro}

The latest single from this Brooklyn-based band’s forthcoming debut album Manifest! is already making waves in the music blogosphere, which isn’t much of a surprise given that the new track is pretty wicked. But hey, that’s what Friends are all about.

Darkside – “A1” {Electronic/Minimalist}

Darkside is led by the American-Chilean musician Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, and the duo’s self-titled debut was released by Jaar’s own record label Clown & Sunset. The video was directed by Ryan Staake and stars a group of “post-apocalyptic bedouins” digging for crystals in the desert, sci-fi style.

Father John Misty – “This is Sally Hatchet” {Folk/Rock}

Father John Misty (also known as the solo project of Fleet Foxes’ drummer Josh Tillman) is slowly becoming one of Sub Pop’s most notable bands of 2012. The track is off the band’s 2012 album Fear Fun, and its video was directed by Grant James.

Modeselektor ft. Thom Yorke – “This” {Electronic}

Thom Yorke has been collaborating with the German electronic duo since last year, so it shouldn’t come as much as a surprise to you die-hard Radiohead fans out there that he’s been featured in Modeselektor’s latest track, which is from their recent 2011 album Monkeytown. Yorke also collaborated with the band for another track off the album (“Shipwreck”) and you can watch its video here.

Pop. 1280 – “Bodies in the Dunes” {Goth Punk}

No wonder fans describe Pop. 1280’s sound as “doom pop,” because this is some pretty creepy shit. The video was directed by Jacqueline Castel, and the track is off the band’s 2012 album The Horror. 

Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros – “Mother” {Folk/Soul}

This track is off the band’s recent compilation/benefit album for Every Mother Counts, (but fans should be forewarned that the song will not be included on their forthcoming Starbucks-sold album Here). The video was directed by frontman Alex Ebert and stars the band members’ moms.

Hot Chip – “Night & Day” {Electro}

Hot Chip’s latest video was directed by Peter Serafinowicz (who also directed the group’s “I Feel Better” music video), and stars English actor Terence Stamp, comedian/musician Reggie Watts and Dutch model Lara Stone. The track is off the band’s highly-anticipated forthcoming album In Our Heads, which is set for release on June 11th via Domino Records.

Chris Holm – “When I Die” {Pop/Rock}

Forget zebra-woman (as mentioned in last week’s post) because horse-boy is the new music video superstar this week. The video was directed by Mona Lerche (who is also wife of the Norwegian musician Sondre Lerche).

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