Top new videos: Thurston Moore, Twin Shadow, Dum Dum Girls + Bend Sinister surrounded by taxidermy

February 20, 2014 in Alternative, Chillwave, Indie, Pop, Rock, Sunshine Pop

Kevin Drew – “Good Sex” {Pop/Rock} (NSFW)

Despite the fact that we’ve been listening to Kevin Drew’s music for years, this is actually the first time we’ve seen him in a music video. But instead of trying not to focus on all the shots of couples foreplaying all we could think was “yup, Kevin Drew seems like the kind of guy who would have good sex.” Don’t judge because my attention span goes to the gutter whenever a bearded guy singing about “good sex” is on my screen…

Bleached – “Guy Like You” {Sunshine Pop}

Flower pedals swirling around in the sun, kitty kats kuddling and kissing (sorry, I had a Kardashian moment) and random shots of insane mosh pits and drunks laying down on the sidewalk. Way to not confuse the hell out of me, Bleached.

Tree – “Stuck Down The Wrong Rabbit Whole” ft. Beat Culture & Lena Kuhn {Chillwave/Pop}

Now don’t go thinking that I’m only covering this band because their name is Tree; I’m covering this band because one of the band member’s middle name is Tree, and that’s pretty badass if you ask me. Plus the music video is more like a short film that features a lot of (you guessed it) TREES! And a dude hallucinating an animated rabbit, of course.

The Notwist – “Kong” {Alternative Rock}

I was secretly hoping that because this song is called “Kong” there would be some kind of King Kong reference in the video, and the video certainly delivered. Lucky thing the dude can swim like a graceful ballerina to safety until…well I don’t want to spoil it for you, but let’s just say there may or may not be a water monster involved. OK well I guess I did kind of spoil it for you just then…

Bend Sinister – “Teacher” {Pop/Rock}

This music video stars not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Jesus-looking Canadian fellows, as well as an organ synth and PUPPIES!!! I’m in Canadian heaven!! Plus the band manages to perform effortlessly in a house filled with taxidermied animals like elk, bears, eagles, you name it. If this doesn’t scream “Canada” then I don’t know what does…

Thurston Moore – “Heavenmetal” {Alternative Rock}

If the name Thurston Moore rings a bell it means that A. You’re familiar with Sonic Youth and B. You’re awesome. In the span of only two minutes this new music video covers all sorts of trippy symbolism like women drawing hearts in mirrors, women slicing up each other’s hands, a typewriter on fire and tarot cards….BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??

SLEEP SLEEP – “Gospel” {Indie Rock}

Forget about relying on mainstream media to make you so fearful you can’t even step a foot outside your house, because this video covers everything from atomic bombs, homes blowing up, people running for safety as bombs go off in their neighbourhood, and even a cute little boy running around in a cowboy hat. Yup, all-around scary stuff.

Twin Shadow – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” ft. Samantha Urbani (The Smiths cover) {Pop}

What’s more awesome than Twin Shadow collaborating with the Friends-y Samantha Urbani to cover a classic Smiths song? You’re right, nothing’s more awesome than that. But this music video comes pretty damn close thanks to the camera being perched on the hood of Twin Shadow’s car.

Dum Dum Girls – “Too True To Be Good” {Alternative Rock}

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dum Dum Girls’ new album Too True, but at least they’re packing the visual punches for the album’s singles. The video features a ton of gothic, double exposure images of bleeding flowers, not to mention that Dee Dee is sporting some pretty badass shades as well. All around a good watch for any Dum Dum fan.

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Top new tracks: Brody Dalle, Klaxons, Todd Terje, Pink Mountaintops + Karen O teams up with Ezra Koenig

February 11, 2014 in Dance, Disco, Dream Pop, Electrofunk, Electrogoth, Electronic, Funk, Garage Rock, Jazz, Pop, Punk, Rock

Brody Dalle – “Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy” {Alternative Rock/Punk}

After ditching both the Rancid rip-off project The Distillers and the QOTSA rip-off project Spinnerette, Josh Homme’s baby mama shocked everyone when she announced she was going solo in 2014. Apparently “Meet The Foetus” features Shirley Manson on vocals, which is ironic seeing that the Garbage frontwoman contributed back-up vocals for QOTSA’s Lullabies To Paralyze album and all…And for the record: I’m totally not jealous that Brody is banging Josh Homme. Not. At. All.

Pink Mountaintops – “North Hollywood Microwaves” {Garage Rock}

Steve McBean’s Pink Mountaintops just revealed their first new song in five long years, and turns out “North Hollywood Microwaves” deserves just as much love as the microwave responsible for heating up greasy food when you’re hungover and incapable of moving ten feet in either direction. (Yes the song is THAT good). The song is off their new album Get Back which is being released on April 29th (in the U.S.) and April 28th (in Europe).

Todd Terje – “Delorean Dynamite” {Electronic/Disco}

We’re going to be all over any new Todd Terje tune like Putin is all over murdering Sochi’s forcibly abandoned stray dogs, but with a track and video like this and a scruffy face like that can you really blame us? It’s not as disco-y as we would have hoped, but the tune has enough synth bassline to make Jesse F. Keeler proud. Oh and P.S. don’t forget Terje’s new album It’s Album Time comes out in April.

Crissi Cochrane – “And Still We Move” {Pop/Jazz}

Our inner 90s teenager still has faith in Windsor’s music scene because of the epicness known as The Tea Party (no, not the political organization silly…) but now our faith in the Ontario city has officially been restored thanks to this sultry songstress. This track is off her new album Little Sway which you can buy for $9.90 via iTunes here.

Trust – “Capitol” {Electrogoth}

If you’ve already been turned off by Trust’s dark and mysterious vocals when we covered another one of their singles last month, then this track probably won’t win you over either, but for us fans…it’s glorious. We’re officially counting down the days until March 4th when Joyland officially drops, just so it can help us get through these next few months waiting to hear about a new Austra album.

To listen to the song click here.

Klaxons – “Children Of The Sun” {Alternative Pop}

Klaxons are churning out single after single as of late, only this one is slightly different than the one we covered last week. I don’t know what’s in the water where the Klaxons are living because this track is pretty mindblowing in an “out there” kind-of-way. Now we’re really curious as to what to expect from their new album.

Hydrogen Sea & Imaginary Family – “All That Keeps Us” {Dream Pop}

We weren’t too surprised when we read that these two acts wrote this song together during one random night in Brussels, only because Brussels is a magical city like that. This track is off the Unday Records’ first compilation titled Music For Undays which also features new tunes from Trixie Whitley, Yuko, Flying Horseman and many more.

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – “Sun Goes Out” {Pop/Rock}

Daniel Ellsworth and his Great Lakes have been making the rounds on the interwebs since 2010, but now they’re prepping for the release of their sophomore album Kid Tiger which is out on March 4th. This track was engineered by the Grammy Award-winning Vance Powell who previously worked with Kings Of Leon, Jack White and The Whigs).

Karen O & Ezra Koenig – “The Moon Song” {Pop/Rock}

It’s a very special day indeed when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman decides to release a song with her fellow New Yorker/Vampire Weekend vocalist as a single, which is off the new movie soundtrack for Owen Pallett’s Her (starring Joaquin Phoenix). You may remember the original version of the song we covered last September, but with a little Ezra touch this version may possibly surpass the awesomeness of the original, and that’s saying a lot.

To listen to the song click here.

Drift Static – “I Say, You Say” {Electronic/Funk}

Berlin’s Drift Static has been remixing everyone from Of Monsters and Men to Fatboy Slim, but now he’s focusing on releasing his own original tunes to the masses. Just this one track alone covers the dubstep, funk, electronic and hip hop genres, and after listening to it we can’t help but look forward to hearing what the future has in store for Mr. Drift Static.

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Top 5 indie tracks of the week

February 3, 2014 in Alternative, Ambient, Experimental, Free downloads, Garage Rock, independent bands, Indie, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Rock, Shoegaze, World Music

Vintage Cucumber – “Hagebutten Tee (Am Laufenden Band…)” {Ambient/Experimental}

I know what you’re thinking: The only reason why we gave this band a listen was because their name is Vintage Cucumber, but I’m telling you right now that you’re wrong. We gave this band a listen because their music was described as “psychedelic” and “krautrock,” their song titles are in German…and yes, because their name is Vintage Cucumber. This song is off their Tee Sessions EP which you can buy as a name-your-price download here.

Dead Sea – “Before We Die” {Psych Rock/Shoegaze}

Listening to this song will stir up all sorts of emotions inside of you that you never knew existed; so much so that you may even find yourself reaching for a box of Kleenex…not that we did that or anything…This is actually the band’s first official song which is pretty damn impressive in itself, and it’s being released on the Beef Wellington Records Compilation.

The Plum Magnetic – “The Electric Jungle” {Experimental/World Music}

Featuring a potpourri of different instruments like the 6-string electric banjo, the tabla, the cello and even a steel pan, Plum Magnetic’s new record takes the art of creating world fusion music to a whole new level. (Not to mention that just listening to this track will make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a glorious, 20-hour-long dream…) This track is off their new album Terra Animata and you can buy it for $5 here.

Plastic Pinks – “Sleepwalking Macadamia” {Garage Rock/Punk}

We were sent a link to stream Plastic Pinks​/​Las Tias’ new split release, and from Plastic Pinks’ hyperactive “Aah-Oh-Aah,” to Las Tias’ psychobilly-style “Vision” as well as their bluesalicious “Look At Me,” it was a struggle to choose just one track because they were all so damn good. If you want to give it a listen (yeah, you do) check it out here and buy it for as little as $5.

Slippertails – “I Will Peel You Open” {Alternative Rock} + Free download

The fuzzy guitar section, the dark melodies, the Wintersleep-style vocals…this track had all the ingredients for what we consider a perfect recipe for any good tune; (not to mention the album cover is pretty dope too). This is a single off the band’s new album There’s A Disturbing Trend which was released on January 14th via Fleeting Youth Records, and you can buy it for $4 over at their Bandcamp page.

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Top Indie Electronic Tracks of 2013 {Part 2}

December 17, 2013 in Ambient, Chillwave, Disco, Electronica, Experimental, Free downloads, House, Jazz, Reggae, Synthpop, Synthrock, Techno, Top 2013, Trip Hop, Tropical Pop

{PART 1}

Neonfaith – “Darkest Light” {Electropop} + Free downloads

Fact: Whenever the word “neon” is included an electronic act’s name you just know they’re going to be packing some hard-hitting electro punches (Neon Indian, anyone?) The group is based out of Jamaica/New York City, and if you like their work you should take advantage of all those free downloads on their Soundcloud page.

Slack Armada – “Your Majesty” {Ambient/Experimental}

Sometimes we can get a little (OK..REALLY) overwhelmed with the number of submissions we receive on a daily basis, but little did we know that this little gem was hidden amongst the bunch of e-mails we had to spend hours and hours and hours sifting through. This track is off the Chicago-based artist’s new four-track EP which you can buy as a name-your-price download here.

Cappa Regime – “After The Disco” {Disco/House} + Free downloads

This trio of DJs consisting Jake Kasheta, Shane Sherzai, and Rob “Electric” Enea have been turning a lot of heads in the electronic musicverse, and word is on the street that they plan on releasing collaborations with none other than Del The Funky Homosapien (yes, Del The Funky  Homosapien) and Moe Green. If you like their tuneage you can download a crapton of their tracks for free here.

Panic Girl – “Breathe On” {Electronica/Trip Hop}

From her white-painted face to the Portishead-ish trip hop drumbeat, we love love loved everything about this track, not to mention that the creepy-as-fuck video suited the subtle, chilled out beat perfectly; (dem drums tho….). This single is off her wicked new record Lowlands, and we highly recommend that you dish out some of you hard-earned cash and buy it for €9.90 here.

Dane Gill – “Happy Place” {Electronic/Reggae}

What do you get when you mix together chilled out reggae with some electronic backbeats? Well besides a can of a whole lotta awesomeness you also get this track, of course! This track is off his latest release (appropriately titled My Name Isn’t Skrillex) and you can buy it for $7.45 here.

Ambisonic – “Manitou” {Electronica/Synthpop}

With creepy Wampire-like synths layered on top of piano chords, hypnotic drumbeats and vintage bass foot pedals (drooooool….) what’s not to love? This dynamic duo is based out of Toronto, and you can buy their tracks for as little as $0.99 via iTunes here, or stream a ton of their songs for free over at their Soundcloud page.

COINS – “On Your Lips” ft. DOLLS {Electropop/Dubstep}

Normally we’re not a fan of overly popalicious tunes, but with this track’s dubstep backbone (not to mention its memorable lyrics…) we ended up giving this track a second chance, and are we ever glad we did (sweet baby Jesus are we ever…) This track was released as a single back in September, and you can buy it for as little as $0.99 via iTunes here.

xSDTRK – “powDer” {Chillwave}

This is one of those tracks that will stick with you once you listen to it for the first time, and its melody can get trapped in your head for days if you’re not careful. (And where is he from? Montreal, duh!) If you dig his work make sure you give him some “Like” love on Facebook and check out the rest of his tunes on Soundcloud too.

PolyEmory – “HydraFauna” (Boerd remix) {Electronica/Ambient} + Free download

Because PolyEmory is all mysteriously anonymous and whatnot, all we know about him/her is that he/she knows how to craft a tune you can just get lost in (oh and the band was founded in the year 1750 too…) If you like this tune then make sure you check out the rest of his/her tracks via Soundcloud here.

Hello Phones – “The One” {Synthpop}

We’ve already covered Hello Phones in one of our Top 5 Indie Tracks of the Week posts, but we loved them so much we just had to give it another shout-out (“Hello, Hello Phones? The synthpop genre called and they wanted us to tell you to never stop making music, like ever.”) This track is off their new album Future City which you can buy for $7 here.

Ozaka – “Go By” {Electronic/House} + Free downloads

This upbeat, pick-me-up kind-of-song made us want to put on !!!’s Rolling Stones-inspired short-shorts and boogie on down, just because we’re hardcore electro nerds like that. Ozaka is based out of Cologne, Germany, and if you like his work you can download two of his tracks for free over at his Bandcamp page.

Dorine Levy – “There For Me” {Electropop}

This tune starts off all poppy-like, but then morphs and builds into this electronica extravanza that’s so awesome it will make you want to put on a panda hat and randomly dance around a bonfire on a beach (oh, wait…) Dorine is based out of Montreal/Tel Aviv, and you can buy her new album Underwater for $9.99 via iTunes here.

Naapo – “Fall Out” {Techno/House} + Free downloads

Listening to this song made us feel like we just chugged a glass of happiness and swigged it down with a few Prozacs, but that’s what shiny, happy Australian music is all about! Naapo is based out of Melbourne and he’s only 24-years-old, so if you want to give this dude all the credit he deserves then give him some “Like” love on Facebook and check out the rest of his tunes via Soundcloud.

Diesel Kass – “Au Noir” {Electronic/Trip Hop} + Free downloads

We don’t understand a word she’s singing (only because we didn’t pay attention in French class as a youngin’) but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this track for all it’s worth. (Plus only the Frenchies know how to create the most chilled-out music known to mankind). If you have some time on your hands be sure to check out the rest of their wicked tracks on Soundcloud and take advantage of those free downloads.

The National Pool – “Better” {Chillwave/Tropical}

This is the kind of song that gets better and better after a few listens, plus it’s got a wicked tropical/Afro beat (à la Reflektor) that made us love the tune even more. The group is based out of Nashville/Baltimore, and if you like this tune as much as we do you can buy it for as little as $0.99 via iTunes here.


{PART 1}

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Top Indie Rock Tracks of 2013 {Part 4}

December 10, 2013 in Alt-Blues, Folk, Free downloads, independent bands, Indie, Instrumental, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Shoegaze, Surf Pop, Surf Rock, Top 2013

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3}

The John Steel Singers – “Common Thread” {Pop/Rock}

Them shiny, happy Australians are at it again with this great tune (which kind of makes us feel like we’re weightless in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses). This song is off their latest album Everything’s A Thread which was released last month, and you can buy the album for $16.99 via iTunes here.

ELO-HEEM – “Paint It White” {Psych Rock}

Classic psychedelic rock music set to clips of Janet Leigh getting slashed to death from that epic shower scene in Psycho? Now you’re speaking my language! This band is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and if you dug this track/video as much as we did give it some “Like” love in the player below.

Die Eternias – “King Youngstar” {Alternative Rock}

We’ve already given Die Eternias some blog love here and here, but we loved this track so much we just had to give it another mention. The group is based out of Vienna, and if this video didn’t turn you off the band because of your crippling fear of clowns then you can buy the track for as little as €1 here.

The Deltahorse – “Hey Yuri” ft. TJ Eckleberg {Alt-Blues/Psych Rock} + Free download

The fact that this trio is based out of three different cities (Berlin, Boston and Sydney) is pretty mind boggling, but seeing that their sound crosses over several music genres and borders it doesn’t surprise us that much. If you like the song you can download it for free in the player below, but we highly recommend you buy their new self-titled album for $2 here.

Walrus – “Brian” {Psych Rock}

We’re big fans of a lot of Brians (Brian Jones, Brian May, Brian Jonestown Massacre…you get our drift) so naturally we were all about this track. The band is based out of Halifax, and if you dig this track you can buy it for as little as $1 here.

Reef Blower – “Dancing On The Beach” {Surf Pop/Psych Rock} + Free download

Any song that makes us feel as if we’re lounging on a beach and sipping on pina coladas while suntanning next to some palm trees deserves a good mention here at RMD. Plus the track has some raw, post-punk vibes with a melodic, poppy edge and even a tad bit of synth – what’s not to love?

Riddley Walker – “And I’m Not Alone” {Indie Rock/Folk}

We love us some lo-fi indie rock, so the fact that this artist is not only everything we look for in any submission but also from Vancouver was a special moment indeed. The song is off his latest album Anthropocene which was released in May, and you can buy the album/track as a name-your-price download over at his Bandcamp page.

The Box Tiger – “Set Fire To Your Friends” {Indie Rock}

We’re still not entirely convinced that this female vocalist isn’t Karen O with a fancy wig on (because Karen O works in mysterious ways like that). This song is off their latest album Set Fire which was released this past summer, and you can buy the entire ten-track album for as little as $1 over at their Bandcamp page.

Burning Jet Black – “The Brutal Beyond” {Rock}

With sexy, raspy Kings of Leon-like vocals, this Los Angeles-based group first started turning a lot of heads last year with their hit single “Magazine Girl” (which has since reached over 400,000 YouTube views and counting). But now the boys are back with a brand new album Rascals which was released last week, and it’s available for purchase for $4 over at their Bandcamp page.

Honeymilk – “Light Entertainment” {Pop/Rock}

This song has been one of our many guilty pleasures in 2013 (we even covered it in one of our Top Indie Tracks of the Week post a couple of months back), but with a late 90s rock/alt-country kinda vibe we just had to give it another shout-out. The band is based out of Stockholm, Sweden, and you can stream a crapton of their other songs for free here.

Trabants – “El Charro” {Instrumental/Surf Rock}

Sounding like something straight out of a Tarantino film soundtrack, we half expected Uma Thurman to come driving towards us wiggling her ugly long toes after listening to this track. The band is based out of Boston, and if you dig their work you can stream their new album Cinematic in full for free here.

I, A Man – “Less Travelled” {Alternative Rock}

Their new album isn’t due out until next year, but we loved this track so much we just had to add it to one of our top end-of-year lists. This is the first single off their forthcoming album which is being released in early 2014, but in the mean time you can stay up to date on the band’s new release by giving them some “Like” love on Facebook here and following them on Twitter here.

These Polar Opposites – “I Think We’re Close” {Indie Rock}

This group has been compared to everyone from Bright Eyes, Now, Now and Kevin Devine (AKA they’re good), and apparently they recorded their latest record “in a couple of bedrooms” in South Philadelphia. This track is off their new album appropriately titled Life Is An Impulse (Love Is An Impulse) and you can buy it as a name-your-price download here.

Charlie Dakota & The Spirits – “Down The Lines” {Shoegaze}

Described as a mixture of shoegaze, rock ‘n roll and “spooky western pop” (Ed. note: Cool!), this group is based out of Oxford Mississippi, and they just released their new Cruise Ship EP which was written/recorded at the end of 2012. You can buy the EP as a name-your-price download at their Bandcamp page, or buy this track individually here.

Shadow Folk – “Kensington Hill” {Psych Rock}

We first covered this Brian Jonestown Massacre-y sounding track this past summer, but just in case you missed it we thought we’d give our readers a friendly reminder of its awesomeness. The group is based out of Halifax, and you can buy their new album Seagull Visions as a name-your-price download over at their Bandcamp page.

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Top new tracks: Chromeo, HAIM, Duck Sauce, High On Fire + James Murphy remixes David Bowie

October 22, 2013 in Electronic, Electropop, Folk, Free downloads, Funk, Indie, Metal, Nu Disco, Rock

Duck Sauce – “Radio Stereo” {Nu Disco}

This band would be ten times cooler if their name was “dick sauce,” but given that we were just starting to think that Nu Disco died in 2012 with Eight Bit Tiger and “Inspector Norse,” we’ll take what I can get at this point. The track is off the band’s upcoming album Quack which is out in 2014.

Roosevelt – “Montreal” {Electronic}

Roosevelt could release a track as bad as Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and we would still love the shit out of it; (OK, well maybe not THAT bad…) This is yet another track off the Berlin-based producer’s new EP Elliot which was released on Greco-Roman.

David Bowie – “Love is Lost” (Hello Steve Reich mix by James Murphy) {Electronic}

We’ve always been convinced that James Murphy was secretly David Bowie recording under the moniker LCD Soundsystem (have you listened to “Get Innocuous“? I rest my case.) And we don’t know who this Steve fellow is, but he is one lucky fellow to be caught in between David Bowie and James Murphy like that.

Kurt Vile – “Feel My Pain” {Folk/Rock}

Mr. Vile’s 2013 Wakin on a Pretty Daze is still turning heads left, right and center, but the Philadelphia rocker went ahead and released yet another EP this year, which is titled it’s a big world out there (and i am scared). This track (which has Cat Power written all over it) is the first single off the new EP (which is out November 19th).

Chromeo – “Sexy Socialite” {Electrofunk}

Not only is this new Chromeo tune special just for the sole fact that it’s a new Chromeo tune, it’s also special because it features the ex-LCD Soundsystem member Pat Mahoney. This track is off the duo’s upcoming album White Women (still no word on a release date as of yet).

High On Fire – “Slave The Hive” {Metal} + Free download

It seemed like it was only last year when these Oakland metalheads released their album De Vermis Mysteriis (oh wait, it was last year…) but the group is back yet again with another album which is bound to wet all your metal-induced appetites. If you dig the track make sure you snag that free download in the player below.

HAIM – “Edge” {Electropop}

We were a little late on jumping on the HAIM train, but as soon as we heard that this new track was co-written with Twin Shadow we knew we had to give it a listen. The song is off HAIM’s critically-acclaimed new album Days Are Gone which was released late last month.

Velma Grove – “Caroline” {Indie Folk}

To say that this Melbourne 8-piece has had a busy last couple of years is an understatement. Not only did they release their critically-acclaimed debut EP Head For Heart in 2012 and headlined numerous shows in and around Melbourne throughout all of last year, they’re now promoting for the release of their debut full-length Older which was released this past summer. If you dig the song you can buy it for as little as $1 AUD over at their Bandcamp page.

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Top new tracks: Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Karen O, Los Campesinos! + Low covers Rihanna for charity

September 12, 2013 in Acoustic Rock, Classic Rock, Dream Pop, Electro, Electronic, Free downloads, New Wave, Pop, Psychedelic Rock

Paul McCartney – “New” {Classic Pop}

Holy new Paul McCartney track Batman!  We’re still reeling over the awesomeness that was Sir Paul performing with the two Nirvana leftovers a few months back, so hearing some new McCartney material was a great way to end the summer. This is the first single off his first solo album in six years (New) which is expected to drop on mid-October.

Coldplay – “Atlas” {Pop/Rock}

Forget about that supposed three-year hiatus, because Mr. GOOP and his Coldplay bandmates are back with a brand new track which will be featured in the upcoming film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Apparently the track was written specifically for the film and will be included on its official soundtrack (which is also rumoured to include Florida’s pop-punkers We the Kings).

Low – “Stay” (Rihanna cover) {Pop/Rock}

Besides the fact that we hate Rihanna with a fiery passion (or more specifically, the team of producers responsible for creating her) when a band like Low covers any track for charity it deserves a good listen. The song first debuted at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, and all of the proceeds will be donated to Rock for Kids, an organization that provides music education for children in Chicago.

Cults – “High Road” {Psych Rock/Dream Pop}

This new Cults track is as glittery as their new album’s GIF animation extravaganza (which is to be expected I suppose…) and could make you fall into a messed up, glittery coma if you’re not careful. This is the second single off the New York duo’s forthcoming album Static which is out on October 15th; to listen to the album’s first single “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” click here.

Frankie Rose – “Street of Dreams” (The Damned cover) {New Wave}

The on-off Crystal Stilt/Vivian/Dum Dum Girl has been on a roll ever since the release of last year’s stellar album Interstellar, but given that Frankie is a music-making machine we weren’t too shocked to hear that she’ll be dropping another album this year. This cover of the classic Damned track is off her new album Herein Wild which is out September 24th/October 8th in the EU/UK.

Roosevelt – “Elliot” {Electronic}

We’ve been creepily keeping our ears on this Cologne-based electronic artist ever since we heard this wicked track, so any day that a new Roosevelt track graces are delicate eardrums is a fine day indeed. The single is off his debut four-track EP which was released last month on Greco-Roman.

Los Campesinos! – “What Death Leaves Behind” {Electro/Rock} + Free download

Behold, a brand-spankin’ new morbid Los Campesinos! track which is bound to wet fans’ appetites until the release of their album next month. The release (ironically titled No Blues) is out on October 29th, but if you can’t wait that long you can grab that free download in the player below.

Karen O – “The Moon Song” {Acoustic Rock}

Seeing that the last time Karen O contributed a track to a Spike Jonze film she started getting award nominations up the ying-yang, it wasn’t that much of a surprise that she’s provided yet another track to Jonze’s upcoming film Her. Apparently Karen O recorded this track in the comfort of her own home, and it will be sung by both  Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson in the movie.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks of 2013 {Part 1}

June 6, 2013 in Alternative, Blues, Free downloads, Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Top 2013

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Sports Bar – “I Was Going To Shave My Beard, But I Took A Nap Instead” {Punk/Rock}

With a song title as glorious as this one it’s hard not to fall in love with the Virginians, but their latest album Tyler Perry’s Sports Bar is packed full of a ton of other impressive tracks as well. To purchase the album as a name-your-price download click here.

Vundabar – “Holy Toledo” {Alternative Rock}

They’ve only been together for a year, but this Boston trio have already released their debut LP Antics, and are currently prepping for a 21-date tour this summer. You can purchase their new album as a name-your-price download here, but if you buy the physical album for $7 you will also receive some artwork by Fiona Amelang and a complimentary bowl of chowder. Score!

Turf War – “Born To Run Free” {Garage Rock}

We’re not going to lie…we have a slight crush on this quartet (they are from the “United States of Awesome” after all), plus all of our favourite garage rock bands are based out of Atlanta so it makes sense that we would suck up the Turf War kool-aid. To purchase their new four-track EP The Great Escape as name-your-price download click here.

Filter Free Rodeo – “Bleached!” {Alternative Rock}

Not only do these guys know how to road trip, they also know how to write some pretty wicked tunes too. This track is off their recent album Parabolabola which was released this past January, and you can purchase it for as little as $5 at their Bandcamp page.

Mincer Ray – “Franki Jo” {Rock/Blues}

Perhaps we’re slightly biased because they did pick up on our LCD Soundsystem/Empire Records reference (which always scores brownie points in our books – indie bands take note!) This track is off their new EP A Magnate’s Reach which was just released last month, and you can buy it as a name-your-price download here.

Ancient River – “All My Friends” {Psych Rock}

It may not be LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends,” but with a classic 60s vibe that sounds similar to the almighty Brian Jonestown Massacre you can’t really go wrong. Plus the band has a 24-hour streaming radio station on their website, how cool is that? To purchase the track for as little as $1 or their new album Let It Live as a name-your-price download click here.

Built By Animals – “The Shmizz” {Pop/Rock}

Listening to this song will make you feel like you popped more than a few happy pills, so if you’re having a shitty day then you best be clicking that play button pronto. This song is off their new four-track release The Legend of the Lakebird, which you can buy as a name-your-price download at their Bandcamp page.

Union Cinema – “Can’t Get Rid Of” {Synthrock}

The only way I can describe their music to a first-time listener is that they sound like an ADHD-version of The Smiths high on synth. The band is based out Lima Peru, and if you like this synthy song you can purchase it for $0.99 via iTunes here.

Wooly Mammoth – “Gold” {Pop/Rock}

Any band from a town that has a name with the words “wood” and stock” in it is bound to be good, so ever since we first covered this track it’s been stuck in our heads ever since. To purchase their new album North Shore as a name-your-price download click here.

The Backhomes – “You Gotta Move” {Psych Rock}

Seeing that we praise the holy ground that The Black Angels walk on, we became instant fans of this band as soon as we heard this track. (But turns out they’re from our home island AKA Vancouver Island which makes them extra, extra special). You can purchase this track as a name-your-price download by clicking here, or you buy their new album for as little as $7 by clicking here.

The Gorgeous Hands – “Desperate Mainstream” {Pop/Rock}

Musical fact: When a band is founded by a pair (or trio) of siblings they’re bound to have a good musical chemistry, and this band is no exception. Their latest album Tender was just released last month, and to purchase it for as little as $10 head on over to their Bandcamp page.

This Is Water – “Apollo Rolled So Low” {Indie Rock}

I’m still not entirely sure how this band managed to cram several different genres into one song, because no genre goes uncovered in this track. The song is off their three-track Yellow EP which was released this past February, and you can purchase it as a name-your-price download over at their Bandcamp page.

Predator/Prey – “A Skulk Of Foxes” {Psych Rock} + Free download

It might be a bit on the slower side for our liking, but the guitar section of this song is so mind-boggling we just had to share it. If you love the track as much as we do then make sure you get that free download in the player below.

Me, You And Thomas – “Eventually” {Alternative Rock}

This group is one of our favourite up-and-coming bands out of the UK, and it’s all because of this one track. The structure, the melody, the vocals, the arrangement…everything about it is impressive as fuck. So on that note, if you like the tune you should head on over to their Facebook page and give them some well-deserved “Like” love.

Nightseeker – “Garden Of Evil” {Rock}

Listening to this song will make you nostalgic for the early 2000s when Wolfmother and The Darkness were making rock & roll cool again. Now those times have come and gone but at least you have this track to keep you satisfied.

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Top Tracks of 2013 {Part 2}

June 3, 2013 in Alternative, Dream Pop, Electro, Electronic, Electronica, Electropop, Experimental, Free downloads, Garage Rock, Goth Pop, Grunge, Jazz, Pop, Psych Folk, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Synthpop, Top 2013, Witch House

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Queens of the Stone Age – “I Appear Missing” {Alternative Rock}

Given that Era Vulgaris’ first single made us “sick, sick, sick” we were prepared to cringe when we heard the first single off the band’s new album Like Clockwork. But surprisingly this track isn’t actually that bad, and it’s restored our faith in…Whatever, we’re not even going to hide our bias because of our profound love for the ginger.

Stealing Sheep – “Shut Eye” (Thom Alt-J remix) {Electronic/Psych Folk} + Free download

Thom Green AKA the drummer of the triangle band started off the year by remixing one of our favourite tracks from one of our favourite bands, Liverpool’s Stealing Sheep. There’s slight hints of the original track hidden in the remix, but the triangular twist takes the song to a whole new level.

Lana Del Rey – “Summer Wine” (Nancy Sinatra cover) {Pop/Jazz}

I know the words “Lana Del Rey” will turn any hipster’s musical boner off, but we have to give credit when credit is due. Sinatra originally recorded the track with Lee Hazlewood back in 1967, and although this version doesn’t sound too much different than the original it’s still better than Del Rey’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2.

SUUNS – “2020” {Psych Rock}

The musical talents of the Quebecois strike again, showing the rest of the world how awesome music is done in our country. It may be weird and all over the place, but that’s what happens when you eat copious amounts of poutine.

Holy Ghost! – “Dumb Disco Ideas” {Electro/Synthpop}

The LCD Soundsystem-like drum beats and sound effects, the never-ending synth…there’s absolutely nothing we don’t love about this track. But let’s be honest, no song can be bad if it’s by a band pinned to the DFA Records roster.

Bass Drum of Death – “Shattered Me” {Garage Rock} + Free download

Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death have been pulling awesome tunes out of their asses left, right and center since forming back in 2008. If you’re a big fan of the Ramones and you haven’t heard of this group yet then that is a sad state of affairs my friend.

Roosevelt – “Around You” {Electronica}

This Cologne-based DJ is yet another Grego-Roman superstar we’ve fallen in love with as of late. Not to mention that the track is so awesome it could almost be Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Almost.

Parenthetical Girls – “A Note To Self” {Alternative Rock/Pop}

This song wasn’t anything like we expected it to be, but that’s what being a first-time listener of the Parenthetical Girls is all about. Their vibe is like a mixture of all of our favourite bands put into one, yet is still unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.

Austra – “Painful Like” {Electrogoth/Witch House}

Just as we were getting ready to finalize “Home‘s” place in our Top Tracks of 2013 list, the mighty electro goth project known as Austra went and posted this track and it blew us away. If the rest of their new album sounds anything like these two songs then we’re in for a fine treat come June 17th.

Dirty Projectors – “There’s a Fire” {Alternative/Experimental Rock}

We’ve always had a soft spot for these Dirty Projectors because they remind us of the Walkmen crossed with early Iron & Wine, and even a slight tinge of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. This track has got to be the best one we’ve heard from the band yet. How do these guys come up with this stuff?

Empress Of – “Hat Trick” {Electronic/Dream Pop}

There are so many sounds, textures and layers going on in this track you could hear it a million times and still discover something new with each listen. If you dig this tune then we highly recommend you check out her out-of-this-world “Colorminutes” series on YouTube.

Akron/Family – “Until The Morning” {Psych Folk}

If you’ve been debating on diving into Akron/Family’s new album, then this track would be the best way to start your Sub Verses listening experience. The video doesn’t really do the track justice, but when it comes to a song this beautiful no video could ever do it justice.

Still Corners – “Berlin Lovers” {Synthpop}

If you’re as big of a fan of Grimes as we are, then be sure to check this synthy track out. This is the first time we’ve heard of the London-based group, but if they keep up the good tuneage it’s safe to say that the band is going to be around for a long, long time.

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Top new tracks: Iggy and The Stooges, Mudhoney, Generationals + Zeus covers the Stone Temple Pilots

March 6, 2013 in Classic Rock, Dream Pop, Electronic, Free downloads, Hardcore, House, Metal, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Surf Rock, Top 2013

Iggy and The Stooges – “Burn” {Rock}

In case you didn’t already know, yes Iggy Pop is somehow still alive and yes, he and The Stooges are releasing a new album titled Ready to Die, (which is being called a “follow-up” to 1973’s Raw Power if you decide not to count their 2007 reunion album The Weirdness). It would be impossible to hold the track up to “I Wanna Be Your Dog” standards, but it’s still great to see Iggy behind the microphone again.

Wild Heron – “Genevieve” {Electronic/House} + Free download

Don’t be fooled by its title (no it’s not a cover of that awesome Stealing Sheep track), but it’s still a great listen if you’re into England’s thriving electronic/house scene; (plus it’s available as a free download so get on that shit).

BAPTISTS – “Bullets” {Hardcore/Metal}

Vancouver’s hardcore music scenes have been getting hot and heavy these past few years, so if you follow Vancity’s underground metal movement you’ve probably heard of BAPTISTS at some point or another. This track is off their debut LP Bushcraft (released on February 19th), and the album was produced by Converge’s guitarist Kurt Ballou.

Roosevelt – “Around You” {Electronic}

Greco-Roman is slowly becoming our new favourite record label, and this track is a perfect example as to why. Roosevelt (AKA Marius Lauber) is an electronic producer based out of Cologne, and you can find out more about his upcoming European tour dates here.

Zeus – “Vaseline” (Stone Temple Pilots cover) {Psych Rock} + Free download

Here’s an interesting interpretation of the classic STP hit “Vaseline,” which will be featured on Zeus’ forthcoming Covers EP. Other artists covered by Zeus on the release include Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, The Flaming Lips, and [our lover] Sam Roberts.

Empress Of – “Hat Trick” {Electronic/Dream Pop}

It’s hard to believe that Empress Of’s frontwoman (Lorely Rodriguez) is only 23 years old, and she’s already been churning up a massive indie following ever since the release of her mysterious “Colorminutes” Youtube series last fall. This dreamy, new wave-ish track is off her new Systems EP which is being released next month.

Generationals – “Put a Light On” {Pop/Rock}

The indie music blogosphere has been buzzing ever since the New Orleans-based Generationals debuted this track last week; and if the rest of their upcoming album Heza sounds anything like this track it’s bound to become one of the most talked about releases this year. If you dig the song (as you should) you can pre-order the album here.

Mudhoney – “I Like it Small” {Rock} + Free download

If you’re already excited about Mudhoney touring around the UK with The Meat Puppets this summer, then you best be preparing yourself for even more excitement. This is the first official single off the group’s forthcoming album (Vanishing Point) which is set to be released in April via Sub Pop.

Shannon and the Clams – “Rip Van Winkle” {Classic/Surf Rock} + Free download

I don’t know what’s more awesome, the fact that this band manages to mimic the early 60s “doo wop” movement perfectly or the fact that this song features Noelle Cahill of Magic Trick and is available as a free download here. This is the first single off their debut LP Dreams in the Rat House, which is due out May 21st via Hardly Art.

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{Photo credit: Iggy and The Stooges}