Top 5 indie tracks of the week

February 3, 2014 in Alternative, Ambient, Experimental, Free downloads, Garage Rock, independent bands, Indie, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Rock, Shoegaze, World Music

Vintage Cucumber – “Hagebutten Tee (Am Laufenden Band…)” {Ambient/Experimental}

I know what you’re thinking: The only reason why we gave this band a listen was because their name is Vintage Cucumber, but I’m telling you right now that you’re wrong. We gave this band a listen because their music was described as “psychedelic” and “krautrock,” their song titles are in German…and yes, because their name is Vintage Cucumber. This song is off their Tee Sessions EP which you can buy as a name-your-price download here.

Dead Sea – “Before We Die” {Psych Rock/Shoegaze}

Listening to this song will stir up all sorts of emotions inside of you that you never knew existed; so much so that you may even find yourself reaching for a box of Kleenex…not that we did that or anything…This is actually the band’s first official song which is pretty damn impressive in itself, and it’s being released on the Beef Wellington Records Compilation.

The Plum Magnetic – “The Electric Jungle” {Experimental/World Music}

Featuring a potpourri of different instruments like the 6-string electric banjo, the tabla, the cello and even a steel pan, Plum Magnetic’s new record takes the art of creating world fusion music to a whole new level. (Not to mention that just listening to this track will make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a glorious, 20-hour-long dream…) This track is off their new album Terra Animata and you can buy it for $5 here.

Plastic Pinks – “Sleepwalking Macadamia” {Garage Rock/Punk}

We were sent a link to stream Plastic Pinks​/​Las Tias’ new split release, and from Plastic Pinks’ hyperactive “Aah-Oh-Aah,” to Las Tias’ psychobilly-style “Vision” as well as their bluesalicious ”Look At Me,” it was a struggle to choose just one track because they were all so damn good. If you want to give it a listen (yeah, you do) check it out here and buy it for as little as $5.

Slippertails – “I Will Peel You Open” {Alternative Rock} + Free download

The fuzzy guitar section, the dark melodies, the Wintersleep-style vocals…this track had all the ingredients for what we consider a perfect recipe for any good tune; (not to mention the album cover is pretty dope too). This is a single off the band’s new album There’s A Disturbing Trend which was released on January 14th via Fleeting Youth Records, and you can buy it for $4 over at their Bandcamp page.

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Top Tracks of 2013 {Part 3}

January 9, 2014 in Alternative, Ambient, Big Band, Electro, Electronic, Gypsy, Gypsy Punk, Jazz, New Rag, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Surf Rock, Top 2013, Tribal, Tribal Rock

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 4}

Vampire Weekend – “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thicke cover) {Pop}

I always feel guilty and ashamed whenever I listen to (and like) Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” but we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now that Vampire Weekend have released their own version of the hit song. If Vampire Weekend likes it that means it’s OK for us to like it too, right?

N’to – “After Laughter” {Electronic/Ambient}

We came across N’to by accident (and what a lovely accident it turned out to be), and ever since we discovered him we’ve spent hours upon hours sifting through his tunes on his YouTube account. But after careful consideration we thought we’d share this track with you, just because “The Sand Dealer” was released in 2012 (boooo-urns).

The National – “I Should Live In Salt” {Alternative Rock}

We’re not going to lie, this song will make you feel all dark, sad and depressed, but feeling sad can be awesome! Well when you listen to this song it can be, at least….We’ve already ranted and raved about how much we loved The National’s most recent album Trouble Will Find Me here, but this track stood out from the rest for us on the record.

Crystal Stilts – “Star Crawl” {Psych Rock}

We’ve been a fan of the Frankie Rose/Dum Dum Girls/Crystal Stilts/Vivian Girls clique for a couple of years now, so obviously we’re going to be all about any new/great Crystal Stilts tune. “Star Crawl” was one of the shining stars (heh) of their latest album Nature Noir, but if you have some time check the rest of the release out because the greatness doesn’t just stop here.

The Polyphonic Spree – “Popular by Design” {Electro/Rock}

This song may have been one of the most-played tracks on our iPod this past year, but it was the video that first caught our attention. If the rest of Yes, It’s True was as good as this song it also would have made one of our end-of-year lists, but unfortunately/fortunately this was the only song off the record that really spoke to us.

La Vida Boheme – “Le Vider Meher” {Indie Rock}

We were instant fans of Tokyo Police Club/Vampire Weekend resemblance, so we thought we’d dig this song for a few days…But days became weeks and weeks became months, and now here we are. We may not understand a word they’re saying because we haven’t finished our ridiculously long/complicated/impossible Spanish course yet, but this band could be singing about refrigerators and Toronto politics for all we care.

Widowspeak – “Locusts” {Tribal/Psych Rock}

We love us some Widowsleep. (They are the lovechild of Frankie Rose and The Black Angels after all…) So it’s great to see that the duo hasn’t stopped the tribal train going for their 2013 EP The Swamps; but with Molly Hamilton’s echoing vocals it’s hard to really go wrong.

Gogol Bordello – “Dig Deep Enough” {Gypsy Punk}

We”ll be the first to admit that Pura Vida Conspiracy didn’t blow our minds as much as Voi-La Intruder (because let’s be honest, that’s a lot of blowing). But this tune was probably one of the most gypsy-sounding tracks on the mostly Latin-influenced album, not to mention that it proves that Eugene still knows how to craft some badass mosh music.

Cold Beat – “Worms” {Surf Rock}

It’s been pretty cold on the surf rock front this past year (besides Beach Fossils, of course). but it’s always refreshing to see a band we’ve never heard of master one of our favourite genres. Plus the video made its debut on our most beloved Gorilla Vs. Bear, so we had an instant bias.

Sleepy Sun – “11:32″{Psych Rock}

Here’s yet another San Fran band to make our end-of-year lists (what are you guys smoking over there??). Up until the release of this track/video back in October we had no idea who Sleepy Sun was, let alone how great they were, so hearing this track for the first time was a double dose of greatness.

Albert Hammond Jr. – “St. Justice” {Pop/Rock}

Albert’s debut solo EP Yours To Keep was great. and by great we mean totally-genius-and-what-the-hell-was-Julian-thinking-when-he-turned-these-tracks down great. So we were relieved to see that Albert seemed to have kicked the can on the drug front and moved on to releasing some wicked new material.

Beck – “I Won’t Be Long” {Alternative Rock}

Oh, Beck, why must you keep on seducing us so? Is there any song of yours that isn’t good? Given that we’re still addicted to that song he wrote for a video game late last year (AKA “Cities“) we needed a new Beck tune to latch on to for the time being.

The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band – “Loneliness” {Big Band/Jazz}

Out of all the jazzy submissions we receive on a regular basis, not one song has yet to turn our heads like this one; and for that reason along this song has become one of our personal favourite indie submissions we’ve heard this year. OK so the Stealing Sheep connection may or may not have something to do with it, but whatevs.

Yukon Blonde – “Six Dead Tigers” {Pop/Rock}

Yukon Blonde are often overlooked when it comes to British Columbian music ever since Japanadroids exploded onto the scene, but they’ve been gaining a pretty loyal following since forming back in 2005. Being the proud British Columbian that we are, we’ve been creepily keeping our eyes on Yukon Blonde for a few years now…But what do you expect? They’re sexy as hell!

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Top new videos: Queens of the Stone Age, Phoenix, Death Grips, Kylesa + a woman giving birth to a band

November 21, 2013 in Alternative, Experimental, Indie, Metal, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, R&B, Rap, Rock

Queens of the Stone Age -”The Vampyre of Time and Memory” {Alternative Rock}

I’d be ten times more impressed with this “interactive” video if Josh Homme and I were being interactive with eachother on a personal, intimate level, but after seeing what his hands actually look like I’m starting to question my nine-year-long schoolgirl crush on the dude. If you don’t have a laptop that’s a piece of shit like mine then you can check out the interactive-style video here.

Hello Beautiful – “Bad Like That” (NSFW) {Rock/Rap}

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself: “Hmmm…I wonder what a guitar coming out of a vagina would look like?” Well now you can say that you know. This group is based out of Toronto (because only a Canadian group can come up with an epic music video like this), and apparently they share the same birth mother as a pussycat and a handful of confetti – who would’ve thunk?

SZA – “Ice Moon” {Alternative Pop/R&B}

Americans are all like “look at the pretty forest! Is this what heaven looks like?” But Canadians be like “that looks like my backyard, buddy.” Okay so maybe our forests don’t have pretty pink balloons in them, but they still have talking bears and glittery cougars and whatnot.

Phoenix – “Chloroform” {Pop/Rock}

If you are smarter than me (AKA 99.99% of the world’s population), then you probably already knew that the famous director Sofia Coppola is married to Phoenix’s vocalist Thomas Mars. So imagine my surprise when I first read that not only did Coppola direct this video, she’s also been busy procreating with the Phoenixman since 2011. And because Phoenix are the Coppola-humping snobs that they are, the only way you can watch the video (for now) is by clicking right here.

Death Grips – “You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For, It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat”{Experimental Rap}

Is it wrong to be so entertained from watching a grown man cry like a little schoolgirl? Because all this music video consists of is Stefan Burnett wiping away onion-induced tears and laughing like a crazy person. After watching it I still can’t decide on whether he needs to seek professional help or get locked up in the loonie bin, but either way this video definitely has some One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest vibes going on….

The Dodos – “Transformer” {Indie Rock}

What’s more entertaining than watching a Death Grips member bawling his eyes out? Watching a cartoon character pick his own boogers and mush them all into one massive booger-y ball, of course! There’s also a bunch of other entertaining stuff going on in the video too like men falling from the sky and a gang of umbrella-heads dancing with a dead dog…oh who am I kidding, I still can’t get over that massive booger ball.

Kylesa – “Low Tide” {Psych Rock/Metal}

When it comes to judging music videos according to the band’s genre, metal bands are pretty up there for providing an immense amount of entertainment in their music videos. It may not be sweet, innocent little children screamcore-ing, but at least this video takes you on a mesmerizing, cartoonish joyride.

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Top new tracks: Metronomy, Autre Ne Veut + a little somethin’-somethin’ from M83′s French orgy film score

November 13, 2013 in Alternative, Ambient, Dream Pop, Electronic, Electropop, Free downloads, Funk, Indie, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Surf Pop, Surf Rock

M83 – “Ali & Matthias” {Ambient}

So apparently this track will be included in a new movie about a French orgy (true story) called You And The Night, and although it all sounds oh so entertaining, nothing will entertain us as much as M83′s past music videos starring creepy glowing-eyed children. M83 member Anthony Gonzalez wrote the score for the film, which was directed by his brother Yann Gonzalez (read more about it here).

The National – “Lean” {Alternative Rock}

Is it wrong that we’re more excited about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack than the actual movie? (Coldplay, Lumineers and Phantogram…need we say more?) Apparently this track almost didn’t make it onto the release because it was considered “too dark,” so clearly someone didn’t familiarize themselves with The National’s discography…

Metronomy – “I’m Aquarius” {Electropop}

Metronomy surprised everyone a couple of days back when they revealed they will be releasing their new album in March 2014, and wasted no time in sharing the album’s leading single. And to make the song’s release extra, extra special, this track will be available via the Night Sky app which you can download here (for iOS) or here (for Android).

Fishdoctor – “Seasons” {Surf Rock/Dream Pop} + Free download

This dreamy, psychedelia-induced band just revealed two new singles off their upcoming release which is due out this winter. If you dig the tune you can download it for free in the player below, or you can buy it as a name-your-price download at their Bandcamp page (and make sure you admire the picture of the cute little puggy while you’re at it).

Empress Of – “Realize You” {Dream Pop/Electronic}

Empress Of’s dreamy “Hat Trick” put us in a hazy daze this past spring, so it’s about damn time another Empress Of tune defined a second season for our 2013. No word yet as to whether this track will be included on a release, but we’ll take what we can get at this point.

Hospitality – “I Miss Your Bones” {Indie Pop}

Hospitality’s 2012 album made our Top Albums of 2012 list last year, so we’re counting down the days until the band’s new album Trouble will hit the pavement on January 28th. The band first revealed the single as a teaser a couple of weeks back, and apparently this track was recorded live in the studio (which makes us appreciate the suspense just a tad bit more).

Autre Ne Veut & Fennesz – “Alive” {R&B/Electronic}

Autre Ne Veut have become one of the most talked about acts of 2013, so when it was first announced that Arthur Ashin would be collaborating with the Austrian-based Christian Fennesz it triggered a firestorm in the indie music community. The single is being released in celebration of Mexican Summer’s fifth anniversary, for which the label will be releasing a 10″ vinyl featuring a ton of other Mexican Summer artists (read more about it here).

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Top Halloween Tracks of 2013 {Part 2}

October 29, 2013 in Alt-Folk, Alternative, Ambient, Art Rock, Electropop, Experimental, Folk, Free downloads

{PART 1}

Black Casino and The Ghost – “Boogeyman” {Rock}

These Londoners have the art of making good Halloween tuneage down to a T, with the lead vocalist Elisa Zoot singing about the Boogeyman scratching at the window and hiding in her bed, but all she wants to do is give him….hold up, say what now? MY VIRGIN EARS! The song is off their latest release Some Dogs Think Their Name is No which you can purchase for £7.99 here.

Yellow Creatures – “Town Hall Crypt” {Experimental/Art Rock}

Apparently this group’s music is about “compact and epic tales of cryogenically frozen men awaking in distant futures, dark black stormy seas and the troubleshooting section of the NES games console manual.” (Ed. note: OK then!) This track is off their new two-song EP which was released earlier this month, and you can buy it as a name-your-price download here.

The Graveyard Kids – “No Creo” {Alternative Rock}

If you’ve been trying to recover from a post-traumatic stress disorder after watching too much American Horror Story (join the club!) then you’re going to have to try a lot harder, because this song will kick that PTSD into full gear. This track is off the group’s self-titled EP which was released in July, and you can buy it as a name-your-price download over at their Bandcamp page.

Deep Sea Arcade – “Black Cat” {Rock}

After watching that crazy “Angry Cat Compilation” video on Youtube, just a picture of a cat gives us the sweaty shakes. But a kitty-kat with glowing greenballs? That shit is terrifying. This single is off their 2012 album Outlands and you can buy it for $14.99 via iTunes here.

Fijuka – “Phantom Sentimental” {Electropop} + Free download

Everytime we hear a song that reminds us of Michael Jackson, we can’t escape this mental picture of what his face looked before he died in the “Thriller” music video, so naturally this Michael Jackson-esque track scared the living daylights out of us. The group is based out of Vienna, and if you like the track you can download it for free in the player below.

Family Ghosts – “Zombie of Love” {Indie Rock} + Free download

Let’s see here…Their name is “Family Ghosts,” their new single is called “Zombie Of Love,” and they’re also going to be releasing their new album on Halloween. (Now that’s commitment). The group is based out of Long Island, New York, and if you like their tunes you can download this track for free over at their Bandcamp page.

Valued Customer – “Second Moon” {Experimental}

This track has so much going on we don’t even know where to start. It’s poppy folk. Then it morphs into a Queen-like Broadway/rockopera. And then there’s the odd rap in there. Plus its lyrics contain statements like “this nation gonna have to kill me so exhume my testicles.” It’s downright terrifying, really. If you like the track you can buy it for as little as $1 here.

Lucy Roleff – “Bodies” {Folk}

Not only does this Australian songstress know how to pen a haunting folk track, she also apparently “hums and claws at the piano” too. Scary stuff. This track is off her brand new album Longbows which was released earlier this month, and you can buy it for $8 AUD at her Bandcamp page.

Autumn Owls – “Spider” {Alt-Folk}

We’ve been all about these Autumn Owls from as far back as we can remember, so naturally we just had to include this spidery track for our 2013 Halloweenie list. Their newest album The Long Way Around was released back in April, and you can buy the 12-track album for a measly €4 (or each individual track for €1 at their Bandcamp page).


The Skywalker Appreciation Society – “Moon” {Ambient/Experimental}

Besides having a great amount of appreciation for The Skywalker Appreciation Society (they’re two sexy French dudes – what’s not to love?), we’re also digging the new direction this Parisian duo has been dabbling in as of late. To stream the rest of their tunes for free then head on over to their Soundcloud account.

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Top new videos: Daft Punk, Soundgarden, two new Pearl Jam videos + Moby in a mariachi hat

September 5, 2013 in Alternative, Disco, Electronic, Electropop, Funk, Garage Rock, Pop, Psych Pop, Rock

Daft Punk – “Lose Yourself to Dance” {Funk/Pop}

The video may be only a minute long, but seeing that that’s about as long as my Random Access Memories attention span I’ll quit my bitching for now. So….are all the Daft Punk hipsters going to like, get dreadlocks now? Because that would be totally awesome.

Moby – “The Perfect Life” ft. Wayne Coyne {Psych Pop/Electronic}

This track/video is living proof that great things can happen when a bald hippie collaborates with a hairy hippie, because Moby teaming up with the glitter-burned Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips has been nothing short of amazing. The goth choir members and obese bearded bikers in red speedos were pretty epic, but where my teletubbies at?

Soundgarden – “Halfway There” {Rock}

Now that Chris Cornell has reunited with Kim Thayil’s long, luscious locks, it’s time for us 90s grunge nostalgics to suck up all the new Soundgarden material we can get. The band doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the video, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit back and enjoy a little sci-fi action in the mean time.

!!! – “Californiyeah” {Electropop}

It’s been a long four months since we first witnessed Nic Offer’s sexy short-shorts, so as you can imagine our mental boner went off as soon as they made their triumphant return in this new !!! video. The video was shot by the band’s soundman in Japan, and apparently security kicked them out of a glass elevator during filming (all of which was captured on tape, of course).

Belle and Sebastian – “Your Cover’s Blown” {Electropop}

If the chick in this new B&S video looks oddly familiar…it’s because she’s the famed Hannah Murray, known best for her roles in Skins and Game of Thrones (you know…one of the many daughters of Craster who gets impregnated by her father and then makes a run for it with Sam? Not that we’re fans or anything…)

Pearl Jam – “Mind Your Manners” {Garage Rock}

This new Pearl Jam video is giving us some mean “Do the Evolution” flashbacks, so if you’re a hardcore PJ fan (who isn’t?) then you’ll appreciate it more than other non-hardcore PJ fans (losers). Apparently this video was fan-made and was released shortly before Mosquito Studios went ahead and released their own animated version of the video (check it out after the jump).

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Top new videos: Pixies, Stars, Nine Inch Nails + the cutest, fluffiest animals known to mankind

July 4, 2013 in Alternative, Dream Pop, Industrial, Pop, Punk, Rock

British Sea Power – “Loving Animals” {Rock}

As one would expect with a song title such as this, this video is packed full of the most adorable shots of birdies, kitty-kats, sheepies, horsies…it was like falling into a hole of animal cuteness for a glorious 4 minutes, and we loved every second of it; (sweet baby llama did we ever).

Pixies – “Bagboy” {Alternative Rock}

With a track that gave us some wicked “Dig For Fire” flashbacks and a video star who’s a spitting image of Superbad‘s McLovin’, we almost forgot that Kim Deal left our beloved Pixies a few weeks back. Almost. And P.S. if you’re going to watch this video you’ll never be able to look at your local grocery store’s bag boy the same way again.

Nine Inch Nails – “Came Back Haunted” {Industrial/Rock}

At the start of this video it warns viewers that the images may cause seizures, but no seizure would compare to the one we would have suffered from if we had to hear Mariqueen’s voice on top of Trent Reznor’s music again. Okay so maybe How To Destroy Angels_ weren’t THAT bad, but hearing new Nine Inch Nails material has been nothing short of epic.

Pissed Jeans – “Romanticize Me” {Punk}

At first glance you think this video is about a normal American janitor doing normal American janitor-y things, but wait…turns out he’s actually a professional figure skater! There may be an American flag hanging in that ice rink but this video oozes Canadia…which is a great watch if you’re like us and still suffering from that nasty three-day-old Canada Day hangover.

Ducktails – “Under Cover” {Dream Pop/Rock}

Wherever Ducktails go a trail of delicious minimalistic cheese follows, and this video is no exception. The storyline follows the wild imaginative dreams of Real Estate’s guitarist Matt Mondanile as he and his friends/bandmates karaoke it out at some random house. Oh and did we mention that the keyboardist looks pretty damn sexy when he’s plunking down on the keys? Yeah he totally does.

Stars – “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” {Pop/Rock}

With all the fiery rage that is burning inside of us after reading what the Big Brother racists contestants are saying on the live feeds, this new music video from Montreal’s [super]Stars warmed our cold, Canadian hearts.

Phoenix – “Trying to be Cool” {Rock}

Funnily enough we weren’t huge fans of Bankrupt! because it made the band look exactly what this song title suggests, but hey, trying to be cool is what mainstream rock music is all about!

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Top 5 indie tracks of the week

June 24, 2013 in Electropop, Free downloads, Garage Rock, Hardcore, Hip Hop, independent bands, Indie, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock

Paul Hayworth – “1990″ {Pop/Rock}

Creepy album covers aside, this Vienna-based artist has a ton of potential, and here at RMD we luuurve independent artists with a ton of potential (who doesn’t?). This track is off his new EP Floorstare Kids which you can purchase for €4 (or each track for €1) via Bandcamp.

Pink Mexico – “Shrub Fuse” {Garage Rock}

At first listen we thought this was a member of our numero uno favourite Canadian band The Two Koreas releasing music under a pseudonym, but turns out it’s an equally talented group from Venice, California. Their new album PNIK MXEICO (yes, PNIK MXEICO) was just released on June 10th, and you can purchase it for $5 at their Bandcamp page.

Speed on the Beat – “Battling Expectations Can Kill You (#BECKY)” {Rap/Hip Hop} + Free download

Even though this Baltimore-based rapper just released a wicked new single “Just Can’t See Myself (Miss Music),” we dug this track so much we just had to give it a shout-out; (plus we’re a sucker for a tune with a hashtag in its title). His new album Songs For… (The Rebirth and Evolution of the Modern Male) doesn’t drop until August 17th but you can buy some of his previously released tracks here.

Neeco Delaf – “Relax” {Electropop}

If you dig Daft Punk, Neon Indian, Passion Pit, Hot Chip, Cut Copy, or all of the above (which isn’t too hard to do), then be sure to check this track out. Neeco is based out of Paris, and if you dig his work you can check out the rest of his tunes over at his Bandcamp page.

Hardbanger – “Shapes of Envy” {Metal/Hardcore}

This is actually the fourth video off the Frenchies’ Foursome Tape EP, which debuted on Revolver earlier this month. The EP is available as a digital release as well as a limited tape edition, and it also comes with unique hand-painted artwork by Gabriel Ruiz (which is also featured in this video). For more info visit their official website here.

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Top Indie Rap/Hip Hop Tracks of 2013 {Part 1}

June 18, 2013 in Dubstep, Free downloads, Hip Hop, Rap, Swing

Archie Bang – “Rebirth”

He’s a Brooklyn-based rapper, he’s the “rebirth of ill,” and he’s wearing a black hoodie and creeping on you while you sleep…at least that’s what he’s doing in this creep-tastic video. This track is off his forthcoming EP Never Say Die, and you can buy the single for $0.99 via iTunes here.

CHEATCODE + Honeycomb – “The Payoff” + Free download

I don’t know about you, but the second we started playing this song it instantly made us feel more badass. Plus we’re a sucker for artists who know how to fuse different genres together properly (AKA dubstep and rap). If you like the song you can download it for free in the player below.

Smokey Joe + The Kid – “Tail Feather” ft. Youthstar + Erica Guaca

If the name Smokey Joe sounds familiar (and not because of Smokey Joe’s world-famous grills), it’s probably because this rapper has gained a huge following in his home country of France, and his popularity is now spreading overseas as well. This track is off his new album Nasty Tricks, which you can buy for €8.99 on iTunes.

Oscar O’Malley – “CoKo BaJio”

This video has a whole lotta billowing smoke going on (but hey, they don’t call him “The Stoned God” for no reason). His other new single “PS 118″ has also been on the receiving end of a lot of blog love since it was released, so if you like this tune make sure you check out his other new single here.

Citizen + Off-Balance – “GhostTown” f. Cee, Kensho Kuma + Cyberclops

Given that we have a kinda-sorta crush on Aesop Rock and this Understudies Crew emcee/producer has some mean Aesop vibes going on, we fell in love with this track as soon as we heard it. This song is from his new GhostTown EP which was released via Study Music Group, and you can buy the single for as little as $0.99 via iTunes here.

Zilla Rocca + The Shadowboxers – “Stormy Monday” ft. The Kid Daytona + Has-Lo

Not only is this rapper’s sound described as “noir hop,” turns out he’s a “corrupt novelist” too. (Ed. note: Cool!) If you like the track you can buy it for $1.99 via iTunes here.


Kaze – “Underground Railroad” ft. Dasan Ahanu + Free downloads

We’re a sucker for a good music video that comes with an educational history lesson, but this one takes it to a whole new level. This song is off Kaze’s new mixtape First In Flight which you can download for free in full over at his official website.

Klassik – “Forever Whatever”

Technically Klassik’s new album In The Making was released in 2012, but we loved this track so much we just had to give it a shout-out (plus the video features some slick stair-dancing moves and was released back in March so cut us some slack yo). You can buy In The Making for $10 over at his Bandcamp page.

Mazzi – “Weight” ft. Smoke DZA + NORE

Not only is this track by the S.O.U.L. Purpose superstar Mazzi, it was also produced by the famed Harry Fraud (so you best be preparing yourselves to get your minds blown). This single is off the Best of Both Offices Compilation Vol. 2 which you can stream in full via Soundcloud here.

Y-Roc – “Excell Then Prevail” + Free downloads

This dude is only 16-years-old but after listening to this track it’s clear that he has talent well beyond his years. This song is off his new release Livin’ Proof 13 (where he raps over seven instrumentals from Group Home’s 1995 Livin’ Proof album), and you can download the entire release for free at his Bandcamp page.

Chi City – “Early Morning Dreams”

This Chicago-based rapper certainly has a lot to say with this new tune, but that’s what good rap music is all about. This Kajmir-produced single is off his new album My Untold Story, and if you like his work make sure you follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Top Indie Electronic Tracks of 2013 {Part 1}

June 12, 2013 in Ambient, Chillwave, Dance, Electro, Electropop, Free downloads, House, Instrumental, R&B, Synthpunk, Top 2013, Trip Hop

{PART 2}

TMRW – “Memories from the Future” {Chillwave/R&B}

This chilled out song is the perfect tune you can put on in the background while you’re focusing on your art, music, or ways to attack Earth from Mars like that crazy Dunkin’ Donuts receipt lady…I mean…what? This track is off their latest release titled Memories From The Future which is available as a name-your-price download via Bandcamp.

Neonfaith – “Escape” {Electro/Synthpop} + Free downloads

Normally the sound of  a synthesizer acts as our musical xanax, but somehow this band managed to take our beloved synth to the deepest, darkest places no synth has gone before. Oh and P.S. the band is also offering a ton of free downloads over at their Soundcloud page.

Halves – “Drumhunter” {Electronic/Experimental}

If you are a diehard Radiohead fan (are there any other types of Radiohead fans?) then you’ll definitely dig this track. As a matter of fact, this track may possibly be better than Deerhunter and The Drums combined! (Oh, wait…) The band’s latest album Boa Howl isn’t being released until July 5th, but you can still buy this track for as little as €1 over at their Bandcamp page.

Hi-Life Wedding – “Fear To Tread” {Electropop} + Free downloads

Maybe it was the endless amounts of Taiwanese in this music video (or the dude’s impressive talents of posing like a statue), but we fell in love with this track/video as soon as we covered it a couple of months back. And while you’re at it don’t forget to head on over to their Soundcloud page and take advantage of those free downloads son.

Meridian – “Truth” {Electropop} + Free download

Not only does this song have enough cheesy synth to last a lifetime, the video also features clips from the classic 1980 film The Gods Must Be Crazy. If you like the track make sure you snag its free download here.

Hectic Zeniths – “Beau Geste” {Ambient/Instrumental}

This track is a prime example of how finger snapping can make a song ten times more badass. The track is off their Type One Era EP which was released April 1st, and you can purchase it as a name-your-price download at their Bandcamp page.

The Analog Affair – “Violent Young” {Electropop} + Free download

This group is one of the rare cases when long distance musical relationships don’t suck (with the first being The Postal Service, obviously). The tune may not start off too electronic, but then out of nowhere it morphs into a synthonic wonderland, M83-style. If you like the song as much as we do you can download it for free here.

Gorula – “Pluto” {Dance} + Free downloads

If only clubs played more tracks like this instead of the usual mainstream crap that everyone pretends to like when they’re wasted out of their skulls. The main man behind this “well-dressed gorilla” is the Ontaria-based Dylan Langan, and he’s got a ton of free downloads over at his Soundcloud page; what’s not to love?

Quickie Mart – “Spectacle” {Ambient/Chillwave} + Free download

This New Orleans producer/DJ first caught our attention last year after he released the Space Monkey Radio EP, which featured a crapton of dubstep remixes of artists like Slightly Stoopid and Freddie Gibbs. This song was released as a single last month, and you can download it for free via Soundcloud.

Wild Heron – “Genevieve” {House/Electronica} + Free download

It definitely has its good moments and its bad moments, but the moments that are good are pretty damn dope. Plus the song is all over the place musically, drawing from all sorts of genres like “hipster house,” R&B and even 90s pop. If you like it don’t forget to download it for free in the player below.

Charlie Brxwn – “Float” {Trip Hop/Instrumental} + Free download

It’s very rare that we get trip hop and/or South African submissions, so the best of both worlds is a special treat here at RMD. Mr. Brxwn is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, and you can download the track for free via Soundcloud here.

{PART 2}

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