Top Albums of 2014 {Part 1}

June 9, 2014 in Album reviews, Alternative, Americana, Blues, Disco, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Garage Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Psych Folk, Psych Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, R&B, Rap, Rock, Soul, Top 2014

{PART 2}

St. Vincent  – Digital Witness



It seemed like everywhere we turned St. Vincent’s glorious purple-hazed, Wayne Coyne-like locks were waving back at us, and now that we’ve given the album a listen we highly recommend that you give her hair a wave back. The album has a complex arrangement of a variety of instruments (or what sounds like instruments…) and from the title track to the wicked opener “Rattlesnake,” it’s clear that 2014 will always be remembered as the year of St. Vincent.

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Quilt – Held In Splendor


Held In Splendor has a classic case of “Don’t Judge An Album By Its Singles,” because the gems on this release go well beyond “Tie Up The Tides” and “Arctic Shark;” (although those tracks definitely deserve a nod as well…) There’s some classic 60s, hippie-dippie shit spread out all up, in, under and throughout the album, so if CSNY is your thing then definitely check this record out.

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The Black Keys – Turn Blue


C’mon. We all know this album was going to make this list so let’s get it over and done with shall we? The duo has been churning out new singles faster than Jack White can churn out hate-ridden e-mails about Dan Auerbach, after all. In case you haven’t figured it out by their not-so-obvious (as in totally obvious) album cover, The Black Keys are all like, trippy now and stuff; but there is an avoidance of redundancy. Slightly. At least they’re not ripping Jacky-boy off…right?

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The Roots – …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin


For two years in a row now The Roots have made our top end-of-year album lists (with the first being 2013’s collaborative album with Elvis Costello Wise Up Ghost), but with a sexy-as-hell drummer like ?uestlove what do you expect? Hopefully the second half of 2014 leads to a lot more singles/mindfucking videos off this album, because each and every track is pretty damn impressive.

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Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots


There’s nothing sadder than watching one of your favourite rock stars age (Bob Dylan anyone?) but at least Albarn is aging the right way and not letting his never-ending creativity go to waste. But let’s get one thing straight: If you’re looking for Blur you’re not going to find it here, because Brit Pop is DEAD man; and Albarn has moved on from not-so-subtlety writing about heroin to penning a song about a Tanzanian elephant…but I think I’m still following…

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Pink Mountaintops – Get Back


You didn’t thing we were going to let a Vancity gem like this one slip through the cracks did you? On the reals though…I’m pretty sure it’s biologically impossible for Stephen McBean (yes, that’s his real name) to release something bad, and there’s no such thing as a bad Pink Mountaintops album. Really. There’s variety and flavour, emotion riddled with nostalgia, not to mention tinges of alt-country on “Through All The Worry” and synth on “Wheels” – what’s not to love?

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Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love


One thing’s for sure is Paolo knows how to pen/sing some wicked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooul music. And in typical Paolo style you can put the album on from start to finish and be entertained throughout. From the finger-snappin tune “Let Me Down Easy” or the more mellow “Diana,” the ebb and flows of this record aren’t just limited to fast or slow songs, but emotional variety and complexity.

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Wye Oak – Shriek


We already knew that we loved us some Wye Oak, but sweet baby Jesus the song “Glory” is amazeballs; (quite possibly the best we’ve heard from the band yet…) And even though we hate jazz with a fiery passion there is some crazy, experimental jazz here there and all over the place, and believe it or not, we L-O-V-E-D it. And whilst still tying back to the band’s roots, they even manage to throw a little #TBT to Elton John circa 1970s into the mix. Where the hell did that come from?

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Thee Oh Sees – Drop


It may only be a measly nine tracks (which isn’t enough for us diehards as we lick our wounds about this supposed hiatus), but as usual, the band always knows how to speed things up, slow things down, and then come toppling down all over the floor in the most not-so-graceful fashion. From the bluesy backdrop underneath some delicious psychedelica on “Put Some Reverb On My Brother” (AKA the new “Stay Gold, Pony Boy”), the addictive riffs, the freaky vocals…oh Thee Oh Sees, you had me at the first “La-la-la La-la-la-la-la” on “Penetrating Eye.”

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Little Dragon – Nabuma Rubberband


Nabuma Rubberband has been hands-down one of the most notable R&B releases of the year (so far), so if that kind of music is your thing like a chicken wing then I highly recommend you spread some sauce all over this shit and munch it all down. Little Dragon’s name was popping up here, there and everywhere these past few months and have been releasing single after single, video after video…so their effort deserves at least a bit of RMD recognition (which I hear is more valuable than gold, FYI…)

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Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else


Cloud Nothings have always stuck out like an awesome thumb to us, only because most bands that follow the poppy punk train sound like a pile of steaming poo…but not these guys! So whenever we read about a new album, track or Dylan Baldi crossing the street, our interest is going to piqued. Not to mention that Attack On Memory made our top end-of-year-list in 2012 as well. No big deal.

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Todd Terje – It’s Album Time


Just when we thought things couldn’t get weirder than a meth addict stringing himself up with Christmas lights, we went ahead and listened to this album. It’s all over the place and experimentally delicious, which is the album’s purpose (I guess…) and there’s some classic Terje disco, jazz, and even some damn flamenco thrown into the mix. But despite its raving reviews it kind of fell flat for us…nevertheless the production was high-quality and it ends with “Inspector Norse.” A cherry on top indeed.

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Sharon Van Etten – Are We There


We have no shame in hiding our Van Etten obsession (and if you’re judging me right now that means you haven’t listened to this), but this album has everything you would expect from Sharon: Intensity. Depth. Yearning. Heartache. Anger. You name it. Although Angel Olsen was the songstress that had our undivided attention for the first half of the year, it’s time for Olsen to shuffle those cowboy boots on over and let Sharon into the limelight again.

Metronomy – Love Letters


Metronomy are true Devonians in how they pen a good album, and there isn’t one musical corner left untouched on this release. From classic pop to intense electronica, it’s the kind of album where you could listen to all of the songs and never realize they were by the same artist, let alone off the same album. Oh yeah, and “Boy Racers” is amazing. The end.

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The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream


We may have found it a bit on the snooze-worthy side and it certainly doesn’t match up to the epicness that is Slave Ambient, but there’s no denying that Adam Granduciel is still churning on The War on Drugs Americana gravy train and we’re all about that shit right now. His Phillie brother Kurt Vile may have had 2013 under his thumb with Smoke Ring For My Halo, but hopefully the second half of 2014 sees a string of more singles/videos from Granduciel’s 2014 release.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks of 2014 {Part 3}

May 28, 2014 in Alternative, Experimental, Fuzz Rock, Garage Rock, Grunge, independent bands, Indie, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Tribal, Tribal Rock

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Yelephants – “Five Tulips” {Indie/Garage Rock} + Free downloads

We wouldn’t be true-blue Empire Records nerds without giving a shout-out to a band with a wicked name, but luckily our love for this group goes well beyond the “Yelephant.” (Their album is called You Look Divorced. That is all.) They’re based out of New Orleans, and you can download their new album in its entirety for free over at their Bandcamp page.

Yassou Benedict – “In Fits In Dreams” {Pop/Rock}

Besides getting an immense craving for Eggs Benedict, discovering this Cat Power-y artist was the highlight of our March; (oh yeah, and the video is amazeballs too). You can buy their new album for as little as $5 here, but if you join their mailing list you might even get yourself some “goodies,” whatever that means…

The Lunar Effect – “Getting To Grips With You” {Grunge/Rock}

Has Kurt Cobain been Tupac-dead and living in England this whole time? On the reals though, this is the most Nirvana-like group we’ve come across yet (AKA they’re pretty damn awesome). If you like this song you can buy it for £1 here or download their entire album for £4 here.

Calliope – “Casino” {Garage Rock}

We didn’t find it too surprising that Calliope recorded their latest LP Orbis in a remote cabin in the northern woods of Wisconsin, only because any Canadian redneck can tell you that magical things can happen in the woods; (like whatever goes down in Austra’s crazy music videos, for instance…) If you like their work you should give them some “Like” love on Facebook here.

Janitors – “Homecoming Queer (Ain’t That A Man)” {Fuzz/Garage Rock}

We first covered this song back in March, but after the Eurovision Song Contest it got stuck in our head again (for whatever reason…) and are we ever glad it did. If you like the track you can buy it for as little as $1 here, but if you have some extra time be sure to check out the rest of their impressive discography via their Bandcamp page.

Black Flowers Café – “Be” {Alternative Rock}

A trance-y rhythm guitar section, a riff that will win you over immediately…and the fact that they’re cute Italians may have helped a teensy bit…This track is one-half of their intelligently titled album Be/Polar (with the other half being “Polar,” obviously) and you can buy it for as little as €2 here.

Moths & Locusts – “Slumper” {Psych/Tribal Rock}

Moths always seem to have a weird habit of flying directly IN MY FACE, and luckily this band had the same effect otherwise I never would have discovered this track. The band is based out of Vancouver Island (Hollaaaaa) and you can stream a crapton of their past releases via Bandcamp here.

Klozapin – “Perception” {Experimental/Psych Rock}

Their vibe is definitely out there and certainly not for anyone who can’t handle their brain cells being swirled around for a few minutes, but we’re all about overdosing on Klozapin’s “tasty noise rock shake” right about meow. The group is based out of Oneonta, New York and you can download the song as a name-your-price download here.

Vensaire – “Tel Aviv” {Indie Rock/Pop}

Let’s see here…we’re borderline obsessed with Widowspeak’s “Fir Coat,” “True Believer, ” “Locusts,” “Gun Shy“…(you get our drift…) so it seems only fitting that we fell in love with this track as well. This Brooklyn “anti-band” consists of Alex LaLiberte, Widowspeak’s Robert Earl Thomas, the famed club DJ Hunter Hawes, drummer Alex Jacobs and Lanlady’s Renata Zeiguer, and this track is off their debut album Perdix which you can buy for $10 here.

[V] – “Numbers” {Indie Rock} + Free download

We love us some homemade, lo-fi recordings, and this track is living proof that you don’t to spend like a Kardtrashian to come up with something timeless and unforgettable. We already covered this track earlier this year, so in case you missed out on the memo you can download the track for free in the player below.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks of 2014 {Part 2}

May 27, 2014 in Alternative, Classic Rock, Free downloads, Garage Rock, independent bands, Indie, Indie Rock, Pop, Post-Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Shoegaze, Surf Rock, Tribal Rock

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Black Linen – “The Face” {Classic Rock}

This track is perhaps overshadowed by its epic video which is definitely/totally NSFW (unless your work consists of certain acts that I won’t type out as we’ll end up in some perv’s search engine…) The duo are two ex-members of the garage band The Booze as well as the UK-based Joe Lean and The Jing Jang John (Ed. note: Awesome) and you can check out the rest of their tuneage via Soundcloud here.

The Library Is On Fire – “Sleeping Out Loud” {Indie Rock}

So let me get this straight: The Library Is On Fire’s music is so awesome that the founder thought it was more important to think about a band name than to save burning people in a library? Yup, I can believe it. If you have some extra time on your hands (we know you do…) then we highly recommend you check out the rest of his new release Halycon And Surrounding Areas in full over at his Soundcloud page because each and every track is pretty mindblowing.

To listen to the track click here.

Soonar – “All Made Of Parts” {Alternative Rock/Shoegaze} + Free downloads

OK so *maybe* it was the video that originally sold us on this tune (don’t blame us because we find guys running around in boxer shorts highly entertaining!) but on the reals though…this here is a riff to fire Dave Mustaine for. The group is based out of Holland, and if you like this track you can buy it as a name-your-price download here, but while you’re at it take advantage of the free downloads over at their Bandcamp page.

GGGHOST TOWNNN – “My Shark Is Gonna Eat Yours” {Garage/Surf Rock}

They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m all about this group right now; (they have a 13 minute song called “Some Asshole Stole My Phone At Ty Segall” – what do you expect??) This track is off their latest release Shocktopussy which is available on some lovely pink cassette tapes for as little as £3 (or you can buy as a digital album for £10 here).

Billy Moon – “Video Girls” {Pop/Rock}

Apparently this artist’s new musical venture is doing a lot better than his previous groups because his past bandmates were “more interested in being personal trainers than being in a band. Less squats, more rock.” (Couldn’t have said it better myself, boo). If you like this tune you can buy it for $1 here.

Le Rug – “Harold Camping” {Alternative/Post-Punk} + Free download

With a track that brings out our inner ADHD, this group immediately caught our attention thanks their Karen O tendencies and an EP called Cut Off Your Dick And Turn Into Slime; (that’s right, Cut Off Your Dick And Turn Into Slime). If you like this track you can download it for free here or pre-order their forthcoming album Press Start (The Collection) for $5 here.

Passenger Peru – “Dirt Nap” {Alternative/Psych Rock} + Free download

We just can’t get enough of being in, up and all around this track (oh “Dirt Nap,” will you marry me?) and if this track doesn’t get the duo some big-wig attention then I don’t know what will. You can take advantage of its free download in the player below, but we highly recommend you buy their new self-titled album for $5 here.

Cheri Cheri Jaguar – “Walk/Don’t Walk” {Post-Punk}

The fact that they opened for Beach Fossils and Wampire in Paris speaks volumes of earbleeding proportions, but this track was enough to sell us on the band alone. The tune is off their latest album Collapsing Vapor which was released in April, and you can buy it for as little as €4 over at their Bandcamp page.

Rasputin’s Secret Police – “Zoe” {Alternative Rock/Grunge} + Free download

Apparently Rasputin’s Secret Police are kind of a big deal in Philadelphia and are so badass they actually recorded their music on a Tascam 8-track digital recorder above a fishing and hunting retailer. (True story). You can download this track for free, but we’re totally peer pressuring you to buy it as a name-your-price download here.

The Trouble Starts – “Faulkner” {Alternative Rock}

Count on a group from Seattle to craft a deep and profoundly intense track that will stick with you for days after listening to it (cloudy, depressing skies can be a good thing sometimes…) If you like this track you can buy it for as little as $1 here or buy their latest album West for $5 here.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks of 2014 {Part 1}

May 26, 2014 in Acoustic Punk, Classic Rock, Free downloads, Garage Rock, Grunge, independent bands, Indie, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Shoegaze, Surf Rock

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King Mountain Petrol – “Thunder Muscle” {Shoegaze}

We fell in love with this track as soon as we heard it (because there would be something seriously wrong with us if the words “big” loud” and “fuzzy” didn’t grab our attention immediately…) If you want to download their debut EP Tusk (which contains the equally epic track “Minerals“) all you have to do is share their Bandcamp page with at least one other person (and give them instructions to do them same) and you will be sent a download.

Redanda – “1/2 £” {Indie Rock}

We couldn’t help but give our best side-eye when we saw the Reverse Tranny Club album title, but luckily Redanda spelled it all out for us: (“Remember, ‘tranny’ can be defined as: 1. a transvestite 2. the transmission in a motor vehicle 3. photographic transparency 4. a transistor radio.”) Thanks, tips! The band is from Hamilton, Ontario and you can buy their new album for as little as $5 here.


The Montauk Project – “The Beast” {Grunge/Rock}

In case you haven’t figured it out by the number of peeps sporting tacky dark purple lipstick, the 90s are like, totally “in” now dude; and evidently grunge has made a musical comeback so far in 2014. These New Yorkers are a prime example of that fact as they sound like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Silverchair all mooshed-up together (AKA a 90s nostalgic wonderland). To buy this track for as little as $0.99 via iTunes click here.

Threesome- “Tellurion”  {Surf Rock}

As if the fact that they’re represented by Ding Dong Records isn’t enough, this group sounds strikingly similar to one of our numero uno favourite Vancouver acts Big John Bates; rockabilly style. This song is off a new 22-track surf compilation titled Monsters Of Surf featuring surfy bands from all over North/South America and Europe, and you can buy the release for $10 here.

The Two Koreas – “Poor Man’s Tony Wilson Blues” {Garage Rock/Pop}

Once we got over the PTS of piddling in our panties, we fully embraced The Two Koreas’ brand spankin’ new release LP Winner (but made sure we bought a pack of diapers before doing so). If you like this song you can buy it for as little as $1 or the entire four-track EP for $4 over at their Bandcamp page.

Pleistocene – “The Band” {Pop/Rock}

If you still listen to Shannon and The Clams’ “Rip Van Winkle” on repeat while you’re cleaning, shopping, or crying yourself to sleep because you’ve had to endure another day of Kimye’s nonstop wedding coverage, then this track is for you. Pleistocene is actually a solo project led by Katie Preston along with “a rotating cast of musicians,” and you can buy her new album Ontario Girls for $7 here.

Howlin’ Hoffman – “Turn Around” {Classic Rock}

This track is more classic and timeless than what Bob Dylan has been trying to pull off these past few decades (which isn’t saying a lot I know…) You can buy their three-track, self-titled release as a name-your-price-download over at their Bandcamp page, but make sure you give them some “Like” love while you’re at it too.

Jargon Party – “Lucy Melanie” {Psych Rock/Pop}

If every submission was like this one we’d be running out of tracks to NOT put in our Top Indie Rock Tracks list; (ain’t no party like a Jargon party!!) We’re digging the classical elements in the song, but the tinges of surf are what really won us over. If you dig their vibe you can buy their new album via iTunes for $8.91 (or each individual track for $0.99) here.

Corporate Hearts – “The Best Times In Disguise” {Acoustic Punk/Rock} + Free downloads

Like a page from early Against Me!/Tom Gabel’s notebook, this track is acoustic punk at its finest, and probably one of the best of its kind to ever grace our Inbox these past couple of years. The band is based out of Philadelphia, and you can download a crapton of their tracks/albums for free (or buy them as a name-your-price download) via their Bandcamp page.

Fragments Of God – “Starcrossed” {Psych Rock/Shoegaze}

This track is like a swirling storm of impressive guitarwork, but that’s not the only thing going on in this tune. There’s also some deliciously psychedelic and experimental rock in there, not to mention a whole lotta other awesomeness. The group is based out of Nashville (because of course) and you can buy their new album for $5 here.

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Top new tracks: Jack White, Jónsi from Sigur Rós, Sharon Van Etten + a song about gross doctor stuff

May 22, 2014 in Alternative, Electropop, Experimental, Funk, Garage Rock, Grunge, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Industrial, Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock

Repeat After Me – “San Francisco” {Rock}

Repeat After Me: Crayons. Lots of free, colourful crayons. If you buy this band’s new album that is…All you have to do is purchase their new limited-edition Mapmaker vinyl LP here, and you can colour in the clear vinyl jacket with crayons provided by the band. It doesn’t get much better than this people! For more info check out Repeat After Me’s Bandcamp page.

Jack White – “Just One Drink” {Classic Rock}

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ different from good ol’ Jacky boy, which happens to share the same words I say to myself the day before I end up with a two-day-long hangover. The track has a more classic feel than what we’re used to hearing from Jack, and sounds like a mix of all the greatest 70s rock songs combined – only with a dash of alt-country and blues (because this is Jack White we’re talking about…)

To listen to the song click here.

Godflesh – “Ringer” {Metal/Industrial}

This track is definitely a must-listen for any of you metalheads out there (although we wouldn’t recommend it if you just had a crazy nightmare about a one-eyed-cat chasing you throughout the streets of Manhattan while little Indonesian children swing machetes at you. True story.) This track is off their seventh LP A World Lit Only By Fire which is due out later this year.

Priests – “Doctor” {Garage Rock/Grunge}

A lot of peeps were sold on Priests when they first started getting coverage on the mainstream-machine that is Stereogum, but really they had me at “you put your fingers in other people’s mouths all day, don’t you doctor?” This delightfully à la Insecticide track is off Bodies And Control And Money And Power, which is due out June 3rd via Don Giovanni.

Jónsi- “Where No One Goes” {Experimental Pop}

We were pretty stoked to see that Sigur Rós’ frontman Jónsi would be releasing some wicked solo “Nordic pop” material (plus I’m pretty it’s biologically impossible to be sad while listening to this song thanks to the Flaming Lips kind-of-vibe). This track is featured on the new How To Train Your Dragon 2 soundtrack, which isn’t surprising given that he previously contributed a song to the first film as well.

To listen to the song click here.

Sharon Van Etten – “Your Love Is Killing Me” {Alternative Rock}

This track isn’t anything entirely different than what we’re used to hearing from Van Etten; but to be fair if it wasn’t intensely fascinating and hypnotizing it wouldn’t really be Sharon Van Etten would it? The single is off one of our highly-anticipated albums of the year Are We There which is being released on May 27th (or May 26th in the UK) via Jagjaguwar.

The Griswolds – “Beware The Dog” {Indie Rock/Pop}

Take note future submission-ers, because all you have to do is sound remotely like Vampire Weekend for me to fall in love with you, and luckily The Griswolds did just that (swooooooon). If you like the tune you can buy it for as little as £0.79 via iTunes here.

Jungle – “Time” {Funk/Pop}

Somehow Jungle’s first single “Busy Earnin'” slipped through our fingers, but we’re not about to let some funkytown track like this one get away from our picky eardrums. This single is off their self-titled debut album which is being released on June 15th via XL.

Rush Midnight – “Fix Me Up” {Electropop}

The fact that Rush Midnight has a Twin Shadow relation should be intriguing in itself, but this track already had us hooked within the first few seconds. The song is off Russ Manning’s new album of the same title which is being released on May 27th on Last Gang Records.

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Top 5 indie tracks of the week

May 13, 2014 in Dream Pop, Experimental, Folk, Free downloads, Garage Rock, independent bands, Indie, Indie Folk, Psych Pop, Psychedelic Rock

Clouder – “Phantom Girl” {Garage Rock} + Free download

It doesn’t take much to get us excited (teacup chihuahuas, scruffy men holding puppies, watching Solange beat the crap out of Jay-Z, etc. etc.) so hearing this track was like jumping in an ice cold freezing tub of AWESOME. The group is based out of Brooklyn, and if you like this rockabilly-ish track you can download it for free in the player below.

Juleah – “The Verge” {Psych Rock/Pop}

We’re starting to pick away at our massive mid-year Top Indie Tracks of 2014 series (hence the lack of posts and subsequent eye twitching), and we were pretty stoked to include this track…until we realized it was released in 2013….Nevertheless this is definitely not a track to miss out on, and if you like it as much as we do you can buy it as a name-your-price download here.

Moro & The Silent Revolution – “City Pastoral” {Indie Folk} + Free download

They’re based out of Italy and described as “Anglo-American folk-pop,” so naturally this submission peaked our interest as soon as it graced our eyeballs. This track is off their latest EP Homegrown which was released last year, and you can download the track for free in the player below (but make sure you give them some “Like” love while you’re at it too).

To listen to the song click here.

Invisible Elephant – “From The Bottom Of The Well” ft. Maryliz Guillemi {Experimental/Dream Pop}

I’ve heard through the musical gravevine that a lack of sleep heightens creativity, and now I believe it even more after listening to this release. Apparently this UK artist wrote his latest album during a period of “disturbed sleep” where he had vivid dreams about being dragged underneath crashing ocean waves (which is ironically how I felt after listening to this tune). The track is off his appropriately titled album Sleepwalking which you can buy as a name-your-price download here.

Parkwave – “Inside” {Pop/Rock} + Free download

Coldplay-like riffs and Liam Gallagher-like vocals, these Italian guys know how to rock some Brit pop better than most Brits which is a talent in itself. This track is off their most recent release Blow In/Out which hit the pavement this past April, and you can buy it for as little as €3 here or download it for free in the player below.

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Top new videos: Riff Raff, Garbage ft. Brody Dalle, Real Estate + a lifetime’s worth of narcissistic selfies

May 9, 2014 in Classical, Dream Pop, Dubstep, Pop, Post-Punk, Punk, Rap, Rock

Riff Raff – “Instagram” ft. DJ Noodles {Rap/Pop}

Having a parody rap video about all the slutty, duckface selfies that are flooding your Instagram news feed as we speak was bound to happen at some point, so I’m glad DJ Noodles and Riff Raff got it done and over with. (Ain’t no filter like a duckface filter!!) It may only be two minutes long, but I’ve still seen more selfies than I have in the past four days…and that’s saying a lot.

Courtney Love – “You Know My Name” {Punk}

This video is all about Courtney Love doing what Courtney Love does best: Trashing powder-covered rooms in a drugged-up haze, of course! They do say a leopard never changes its spots so I can understand why she keeps pushing this “LOOK AT ME!! I’M A DRUG ADDICT!!” act but damn girl…botox filler overload alert!

Savages – “Fuckers” {Post-Punk}

The new Savages video may not be anything special (except that it proves just how amazingly mindblowing Savages are live…) Normally I’m not a fan of live performance music videos, but any video starring a Sinead O’Shaved Head is a winner in my books.

Garbage – “Girls Talk” ft. Brody Dalle {Pop/Rock}

This new video starring Shirley Manson and The Distillers’ frontwoman/Homme-fucker Brody Dalle still left me with a ton of questions, (like “is that really the face that Josh Homme wakes up to every morning?” and “is Brody Dalle really really short or is Shirley Manson just really really tall?”) This track is one of two Garbage singles which were released on Record Store Day.

Hannah Thiem – “Brym Al Mar” {Classical/Dubstep}

It was shocking in itself to hear an artist merge the classical and dubstep genres, but watching her play a violin on a cliff next to the ocean made me feel all worldly and edumucated and stuff; (but then I got a mad craving for Kraft Dinner and turned back into a Canadian redneck after 30 seconds…) This track is off her new EP Brym which is out this summer.

Real Estate – “Crime” {Dream Pop/Rock}

This frightenenly realistic music video from Real Estate is about a struggling/broke music video director who starts fishing for video concepts from other peeps (and when I say peeps I mean a “78-years-young” senior citizen who wants a video that “brings back the value of the good ol’ days”). The video was directed by the former Best Show host Tom Scharpling who also stars in the video along with Andy Daly.

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Top 5 indie tracks of the week

May 6, 2014 in Alternative, Electropop, Experimental, Folk, Free downloads, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Rock

Calan Mai – “We’ve Got Love” {Folk}

Now that Calan Mai has achieved winning a 2006 Australasian Children’s songwriting competition and turning me on with his sexy scruff, the time has come for him to release this debut single which is off his five track EP Days On The Rock Face. The EP isn’t being released until July but if you like his work you can like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter too.

To listen to the song click here.

Hunter & Wolfe – “Paris, Ohio” {Alternative Rock} + Free downloads

If the words “soulful, Walkmen-like vocals” haven’t intrigued you yet then A. You should seriously consider re-evaluating your musical tastes and B. Get the hell off my blog, man! (No wait…please don’t…) You can buy their new album as a name-your-price-download, or get the entire release for free by entering “0” in the price box.

Urvah Khan – “N.I.B.” (Black Sabbath cover) {Electropop/Experimental} + Free download

My general rule of thumb when it comes to artists who have enough balls to cover classic rock gods like Black Sabbath is that if you’re going to cover them, cover them right; and this artist certainly delivered. Khan is based out of Toronto, and if you like the tune you can download it for free in the player below and “Like” her on Facebook here.

Isaiah Gage – “Washed In The Sunlight” {Experimental}

Familiar, indielicious vocals, chilled-out backbeats, experimental “cello-centric” interludes….there isn’t one thing we didn’t love about this song. Gage is a cellist-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of New York, and he just released his dolo LP Suddenly Home which you can slobber over and/or buy for $7 via his Bandcamp page.

Setsuko – “節子” {Instrumental/Hip Hop} + Free download PIC?

We’ve been a little slow on the hip hop and instrumental fronts as of late (don’t blame me because bands like Kind Of Creatures exist!) so stumbling upon this impressive track was a very special treat indeed. If you like the song you can download it for free here.

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Top new tracks: Courtney Love, Chromeo, Freeman AKA Gene Ween + a Black Key remixes Lana Del Rey

April 24, 2014 in Alternative, Electro, Electropop, Folk, Free downloads, Industrial, Pop, Punk, Rock, Synthpop

Chromeo – “Ezra’s Interlude” ft. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend {Pop}

Oh Chromeo, I love how you’re trying to swoon me with Ezra’s high-pitched angelic vocals after that mess of a Katy Perry track, and it’s totally working. This is yet another tune off White Women which is being released on May 12th, but because I know Chromeo fans can be impatient like that you can pre-order the release here and get four songs instantly.

Courtney Love – “You Know My Name” {Punk}

This new single from Kurt Cobain’s widow is ironic to say the least considering she doesn’t even know her own name, let alone where her daughter is….but at least she found MH370 – right? This track is off her new double-A-side single “You Know My Name”/”Wedding Day” which was released to help pay for her drugs promote her upcoming UK tour.

Lana Del Rey – “West Coast” (Dan Auerbach mix) {Pop/Rock}

Dan Auerbach is a busy bee nowadays promoting his new album and avoiding Jack White, so I was pretty surprised to see that he found the time to remix one of the most buzzed about tracks in the past month. If you’re not a fan of this version (as you shouldn’t be) you can check out the original here.

Cut Copy – “Like Any Other Day” {Electropop/Industrial}

If you’re a hardcore Cut Copy fan like me and thought to yourself “how the hell did this song slip through my fingers during my first of many Free Your Mind listening experiences?” well you’ll be relieved to know this track isn’t off their mega 2013 album at all but actually released as a B-side for Record Store Day. The A-side of the single (“In These Arms Of Love”) was released a few weeks back, and in case you missed it you can listen to it here.

Freeman – “(For A While) I Couldn’t Play My Guitar Like A Man” {Folk/Rock}

If you’re familiar with the holy Boognish, then you’re probably well aware that Freeman is the new pseudoname for Gene Ween, and that he’s been releasing some solo tuneage ever since he ditched the Deaner and that nasty little drug habit. It still makes me a sad panda that Ween is no more, but nevertheless I’m still pretty stoked about Gener’s new self-titled album (which is due out July 22nd).

Slow Show – “Nowhere” {Pop}

Here’s yet another wicked Scandinavian pop hit that graced our Inbox this past week, and apparently the group are a bunch of “(sym)pathetic pop perpetrators who are always on the run from the bullshitters” Ummm….SOLD! The band was formed back in 2008 by Truls Arneman and Oliver Johansson, and if you dig their stuff you can give them some “Like” love on Facebook here.

Mathematique – “Summer, But I Don’t Know” {Synthpop}

This talented Montreal artist has also worked with the likes of Jef Barbara and Karneef, but really she had me at “Montreal.” Her new album is due out sometime later this year with Stellar Kinematics, but she will also be touring around Europe this May. For more info on her upcoming shows click here, and to buy her her latest album Feel for as little as €3 click here.

Torres – “New Skin” ft. Sharon Van Etten & The War On Drugs {Alternative Rock}

This track was recorded for Weathervane Music’s web series Shaking Through, and some of the many cool peeps who helped record the tune include none other than Sharon Van Edden as well as Adam Granduciel/Dave Hartley of War On Drugs, and Chris Wilson of Ted Leo/RX. To find out more info on Shaking Through and/or to donate to the non-profit organization click here.

Ever So Android – “Leash” {Electro/Rock} + Free download

With all this Phantogram talk we’ve been sniffing around for another wicked male/female-electro/rock duo, and luckily this Seattle-based group delivered. If you like their work you can download this track for free in the player below, or find out more info on their upcoming tour by clicking here.

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Album review: Mac DeMarco – Salad Days {Psych Pop/Rock}

April 7, 2014 in Album reviews, Psych Pop, Psychedelic Rock


REX’S RATING: 9.5 / 10


“Passing Out Pieces”
“Salad Days”
“Treat Her Better”
“Let My Baby Stay”

How the fuck do all these people know who I am?” Truer words could not have been spoken by DeMarco following the release of this new smash album of his. Because as much as his sophomore release marks a new beginning for what is bound to be a very fruitful career for the Vancouver Island-born musician, it also marks the end of his “indie class clown” status as he slowly becomes a household name in the underground music community.

One could say that Salad Days is to Mac DeMarco is what The Suburbs was to Arcade Fire. DeMarco has earned a massive cult-like following with his onstage antics (like sticking a drumstick up his bum bum, just to paint a picture for you) and his surfy rock, slacker vibes, but even before the release of Salad Days DeMarco commented about the pressures of putting out an album in order to please “The Man.” Over the past couple of years his fanbase seemed to be growing by the minute, so naturally the big cheeses are going to jump all over DeMarco’s shit with dollar signs flashing in their money-hungry eyeballs.

But that doesn’t mean us indie snobs should scoff at Salad Days the same way we did at Arcade Fire after the 2011 Grammy Awards. The album still sticks true to DeMarco’s slacker, indie roots, and was even recorded in DeMarco’s tiny Brooklyn apartment (not to mention that he played each and every instrument heard on the album all by his lonesome); but that’s not the only reason why every music nerd on the planet should listen to Salad Days. Hearing the album’s singles separately before the release of the album was a gem in itself, but seeing how the album was crafted from start to finish and appreciating how the tracks interlace with one another is where the true delight lies in Salad Days. The album seemed oddly familiar and comfortable; kind of like bathing in old bath water. Warm, soothing, dirty bath water.

It starts off with a bang thanks to the title track “Salad Days,” and with high-pitched, laugh-along vocals Mac DeMarco pulls a Gene Ween by beckoning the listener over to his side as we begin the wondrous journey that is listening to Salad Days. The listener is then taken on a joyride through the glistening riffs on “Blue Boy,” the distortioned-up-the-ying-yang (and second single off the album) “Brother,” before leading them into “Let Her Go,” which can only be described as what sounds like a Syd Barrett-like acid flashback. He then ventures forth into the tangled (yet intriguing) “Goodbye Weekend,” before slowing things down for a tropical delight on “Let My Baby Stay;” (is it just me or is there a slight bit of Walkmen in there? Because if so, I’m going to lather all up in that shit).

But the true shining star of the album was none other than the album’s leading single “Passing Out Pieces,” which is a sort of sharp contrast to the rest of the album with its elaborate keyboard section and soothing harmonies. If it wasn’t for this track I wouldn’t have been counting down the days to the release of Salad Days as passionately as I had been doing for the past few months, because yes, my life is that sad and boring like that.

So why didn’t I give this album a perfect 10 / 10 score when clearly my love for DeMarco delves much deeper than having a bias for Vancouver Island-born musicians? Well besides the fact that even the instrumental outro had its place, it seems as though the album fell short at what DeMarco is clearly capable of. Each and every track on the album was short (and sweet) but I’m sure it only scraped at the surface of what goes on inside Mac’s crazy little head of his. In total the album came to a whopping 31 minutes, which is about the same amount of time it took me to realize after watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time that the show was going to have a shit-tastic ending leaving its fanbase feeling angry and Lost-like (AKA not that long).

But one of the main factors driving Salad Days down IMO was that it seemed like DeMarco wrote each track on the album on the same drug day, and it’s hard to really differentiate one song from the other unless you listen to the album over and over again like I did over the course of a few days. I was expecting a lot more variety and a hell of a lot more flavour, but that’s not to say that it didn’t leave me with an entirely new perspective of DeMarco altogether

…OK so maaaaaybe I have taken a liking to Salad Days because DeMarco is from my island, but all us Vancouver Islanders have is the Costello-fucking Diana Krall and the sell-out that is Nelly Furtado; so cut me some slack yo!

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