Suzanne Vega – “Don’t Uncork What You Can’t Contain” {Alt-Folk}

Not only is that “doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo” singer back, she’s also sampling 50 Cent and sounding good whilst doing so too. The fact that she’s releasing her first album in seven (!) years is shocking enough, but Suzanne is full of surprises like that…And yeah I’m totally going to write this song title on the five bottles of red wine that are stashed in the corner of my room right now…

Blitzen Trapper – “Coming Home” {Classic Rock/Soul} + Free download

This new Blitzen Trapper single is so classic rock you can almost see a sweaty Joe Cocker swaying to it while he’s hopped-up on drugs; plus it’s available as a free download on Soundcloud. #Winning! The song is off their seventh studio album (appropriately titled VII) which was released last September.

MØ – “Say You’ll Be There” (Spice Girls cover) {Electronica/R&B} + Free download

Denmark’s R&B songstress Mø surprised everyone by covering the classic Spice Girls hit that I know you can still recite all of the lyrics to (don’t be ashamed, now). Hearing the track after so long was bittersweet for me seeing that the song was released before David Beckham cheated on me/knocked up Posh Spice, so listening to this song again opened up a lot of 90s wounds to say the least…

Young Widows – “Kerosene Girl” {Psych Rock}

This track is so deliciously dark and gothic, just listening to it is like getting a kick to the face; (so it just goes to show that sometimes, just sometimes, getting a kick to the face can be awesome). The track is off the group’s forthcoming album Easy Pain which is being released on May 13th via Temporary Residence.

The Juan Maclean – “Get Down (With My Love)” ft. Nancy Whang {Nu-disco/Dance}

The Juan Maclean collaborating with Nancy Whang is more than just a classic poet-and-didn’t-know it scenario, because if you follow the LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records’ circle closely then you’re probably already aware that both these artists have been making epic tunes with James Murphy for quite some time (and any friend of LCD Soundsystem’s is a friend of RMD’s). This track is off The Juan Maclean’s new album which is due out this summer.

Spiritualized – “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)” {Electronic/Classic Pop}

This song was released a few weeks back and somehow it slipped through our fingers…but by the grace of the musical gods we stumbled upon it by accident a few days ago. Combining a wide range of genres we’ve never heard combined before (like classic doo-wop pop, electronica and space rock), this track is off their new record The Space Project which is out on Record Store Day (AKA April 19th).

Thee Oh Sees – “Penetrating Eye” {Experimental/Psych Rock}

Now that Thee Oh Sees have announced that they’re taking a well-deserved (but much-despised) hiatus, we’re going to suck up any new material we can get until then. This song is off one of our most anticipated albums of 2014 Drop, which drops (heh) on April 29th via Castle Face Records.

Little Dragon – “Klapp Klapp” {Synthpop}

This tune starts off like the intro to Joy Division’s “No Love Lost,” but then out of nowhere morphs into a spectacular synth wonderland, Swede style. (I think I’m in love). The track is the first single off the band’s new album Nabuma Rubberband which is being released on May 13th in the U.S. and May 12th everywhere else.

Palehound – “Pay No Mind” {Pop/Rock}

Palehound’s name has been floating around the music blogverse since last year, and with Silverchair/Soundgarden similarities and an upbeat girly-rock vibe with a 90s edge, it’s easy to see why so many bloggers have been making a fuss out of them. This track is off their new 7″ which is out on February 25th via Exploding In Sound Records.

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