Lana Del Rey – “Once Upon A Dream” {Classic Pop}

Haters gonna hate, but Lana Del Rey is still around, still making music, and still sounding pretty damn awesome. The track will be featured in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty-inspired film Maleficent starring the homewrecker/orphan collector Angelina Jolie (you can watch the trailer for the film here).

De Lux – “Make Space” {Disco/Funk}

We always dig a song that makes us want to pull some hip shoulder-poppin’ moves (like the ones seen in the sexy-as-hell Flight of the Conchords intro), but this pick-me-up of a song certainly put an extra pep in our step on this cold January day. This single is off the band’s forthcoming album Voyage which is being released this spring.

The Presets – “Goodbye Future” {Electronic/Funk}

Blame it on the Random Access Memories-overload, but the start of this tune instantly turned our musical boner off just because of its “Lose Yourself To Dance” similarities. But if you agreed with the joke that is the Grammy Awards then you’ll probably enjoy this track more than we did. Luckily the tune picks up after the first 30 seconds and starts to sound more like The Presets we’ve grown to love over the years.

Cloud Nothings – “I’m Not Part Of Me” {Pop/Rock}

Well colour-me-not-surprised-at-all, Cloud Nothings are prepping to release what is bound to be yet another memorable album, and apparently it hits the pavement on April 1st. This track sounds like classic, lovable Cloud Nothings, and we’re hoping that it will only be a matter of time before the track gets some Magic School Bus-inspired video treatment.

The Rebel Set – “Monster” {Surf Rock/Psychobilly} + Free download

Coming from the land of Big John Bates, we’re always on the lookout for a new and wicked psychobilly track, and luckily this Phoenix-based group delivered. Not only is their new album called How To Make A Monster!, it was also released on a label called Burger Records (as well as their own label Silver Hornet) on January 21st. If you dig the tune make sure you snag its free download in the player below.

The Love Junkies – “Chemical Motivation” {Alternative Rock/Grunge}

Forget about that highlarious album cover (actually, please don’t) because this song is equally as epic. It may start off with a little pop-on-rock edge, but then blasts into some rough and gritty grunge during the chorus to keep listeners on their toes. Apparently this single was self-produced, recorded and mixed by the band in the vocalist’s old bedroom of his parent’s house, and will be featured on their upcoming EP.

We Have Band – “Someone” {Electropop}

Anything with a DFA Records stamp is going to get a whole lot of slobber all over it from us here at RMD, but the fact that it’s by the same band who wrote this wicked tune makes it extra special. This single is off their forthcoming album Movements (inspired by LCD Soundsystem, perhaps?) which is being released on April 28th via Naive.

Tideland – “Get Lost” {Rock/Shoegaze}

I’m going to tell you right now: After listening to this song it may get stuck in your head for days, or even weeks; so consider yourself forewarned. The group  based out of Sterling, Virginia (where they’ve made a mark in the underground DIY punk/hardcore scene), and you can buy their new album Lull for as little as $6 here.

The Mary Onettes – “Silence is A Gun” {Dream Pop}

If you followed our end-of-year lists closely (yeah, I know you didn’t), then you’re probably already aware of how much we loved The Mary Onettes’ single “Hit The Waves,” which is off their 2013 album of the same title. So we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the Swedes are prepping for a new “mini-album” Portico which is being released later this year. The track is just as pleasant and soothing, and we can’t wait to hear what the rest of the release is all about.

CHVRCHES – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Bauhaus cover) {Synthpop}

CHVRCHES are all about their covers nowadays and have covered everyone from HAIM, Prince, Whitney Houston and Janelle Monáe, so we weren’t too surprised when we saw that they were giving Bauhaus some cover love as well. This track will be featured in the upcoming film The Vampire Academy, and its soundtrack also includes contributions from Katy Perry, Goldfrapp and Sky Ferreira.

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