{PART 2}

Boardwalk – “I’m To Blame” {Dream Pop}

Oh Boardwalk, where have you been all my life? (Well apparently in Los Angeles, but that’s besides the point…) Plus we’ve already covered another one of their tracks in our Top 5 Indie Tracks of the Week series, so that should show you right there just how obsessed we are with this group. This track is off their new self-titled album which you can buy for $8.99 here.

Elastic Bond – “Find A Way” {Pop/Soul}

When it comes to all the countless submissions we receive on a daily basis, this track/band was everything we’ve wanted and more. The group is based out of Miami (hence the Latin-y vibes), and if you like this song you can buy it for as little as $0.99 via iTunes here and check out the rest of their music videos here.

NEW FOUND LAND – “The Hunter” {Pop}

Don’t even bother with those Newfie jokes, because despite this artist’s name this track is actually Swedish pop at its finest. This track is off her Hunter EP which was released back in July, and you can buy the album for as little as €3 (or each individual track for €1) here.

The Fadeout – “Fantasy” {Surf/Sunshine Pop}

If this is what fantasy sounds like then get us the hell out of our reality….ASAP. This Beach Boys-y group is based out of Montreal, and this is the sixth track off their debut LP Shapes Of Animals. You can buy the album for $8.99 over at their Bandcamp page, and follow them on Facebook here.

The Assyrians – “Oceans” {Galactic Pop}

These Assyrians were the first to break RMD’s galactic pop cherry, so we can’t help but have a soft spot for these Milanese. This is the first single off the Italians’ debut album Tundra which was released last month via Foolica Records, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the land of Spotify (sorry, Canadians!) you can listen to the rest of the album here.

The Derevolutions – “We Found That Beat” {Pop/Funk} + Free downloads

We don’t get nearly enough funky submissions, so when we do we jump all over that shit. The song is described as sort of sounding like “1964 and 2014 collided”, and if you’re feeling funky you can stream the rest of the band’s tunes for free (and take advantage of those free downloads) here.

THE TRANQ – “My Heart Is A Yo-Yo” (Coconut Slaying Remix) {Tropical Pop} + Free download

Last year we came across a ton of great tropical pop, but 2013 has been pretty quiet on the tropical pop front…except for these guys. (Plus they’re political and stuff too, so we can digs it.) You can download the track for free in the player below, but make sure you give the band some “Like” love on Facebook while you’re at it too.

Banana Beach – “Mobile Homes” {Electropop} + Free download

Dem Swedes are at it again; swooning us with their ridiculously catchy pop-happy tunes (have the Swedes ever written a bad pop tune…like, ever?) The quintet is based out of Stockholm, and recently recorded their debut EP independently in an office of an abandoned floor inside a factory complex (if that isn’t indie I don’t know what is). If you like the track make sure you download it in the player below.

Mammoth Life – “Building Bridges” {Dream Pop/Rock}

This band’s new self-titled album is so good it was hard to pick just one track, so if you have some time head on over to their Bandcamp page and give it a listen (and be prepared for a case of the warm-fuzzies before you do so). You can buy this track for $1 here, or the entire release for $9.99 here.

Dream Stretcher – “Make Light” {Dream Pop/Chillwave} + Free downloads

With jaw-dropping harmonies, an electronic base spread over a chillwave foundation…there is absolutely nothing we don’t love about this track. This group is based out of Los Angeles, and if you dig this track as much as we do you can download it for free in the player below, and check out the rest of their tunes here.

Iida – “Life Will Kill You” {Pop/Folk}

There’s something about this Swedish songstress’ track that just spoke to us, (which may or may not be because some say the song has a “language of its own”?) This track was released as a single earlier this year on the Swedish record label 100SONGS, and if you dig her work make sure you give her some “Like” love on Facebook.

{PART 2}

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