The Provincial Archive – “Common Cards” {Pop/Rock} + Free download

Every Autumn we go through a mad Tokyo Police Club phase (best heard here and here), so any song that reminds us of the almighty Canadian indie rock champions wins a nod in our books. (Plus the band just wrapped up their European tour, and as any independent Canadian band will tell you, that’s kind of a big deal.) To download this track for free head on over to their official website.

The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band – “Loneliness” {Big Band/Jazz}

Not only was this Liverpudlian group formed by Lucianna Mercer of Stealing Sheep, they are also self-described as a “raggle taggle bunch of musicians” who make “brass and drum heavy mobile disco grooves” (AKA their sound is pretty damn impressive). You can pre-order their upcoming two-track release for £1.50 here, or stream a crapton of their songs for free here

Camedor – “Wild Shine” {Psych Rock}

It’s quite rare for us to get a Mexican submission, let alone an awesome Mexican submission, so we were all about Camedor as soon as this track graced our Canadian eardrums. The group just released their debut album Wild Shine on November 1st and it’s available for purchase at $9.90 via iTunes.

Vegatron – “Goathorn” {Heavy Rock/Metal}

This band has only been around for 15 months, and they’ve already released a full-length album and opened for The Impossibles at Fun Fun Fun Fest, not to mention that the members have a ton of experience playing with their previous projects (At All Cost, L.A.X. and Southbound Drive, just to name a few). Their new album Awakening is being released today; to stay up to date on its release details check out their Facebook page.

People Like Us – “A Million Reasons” {Electronic/Rock}

This trancey tune has hints of progressive and experimental rock, electronic beats and even a dash of rap, and is off the Toronto-based group’s debut self-titled album which was just released on November 5th. You can buy the album for $6.99 via iTunes here, but if you dig their vibe makes sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

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