Jay-Z – “Open Letter” {Rap/Hip Hop}

In between impregnating Beyoncé, galavanting around Cuba and naming a human being Blue Ivy, the mega rap mogul somehow found the time to release a brand new single. The track has stirred up a ton of controversy as it supposedly references the rapper’s recent trip to Cuba, and even drew a response from President Obama because of its lyrics.

Prodigy – “Firestarter” (Death Grips remix)  {Experimental/Electronic} + Free download

It makes sense that a band like Death Grips would remix a track like “Firestarter,” which was a massive Prodigy hit back in 1996 (in case you’re too young to remember). It doesn’t sound a whole lot different than the original, but it’s currently available as a free download so I’ll quit my bitching.

Empire of The Sun – “Alive” {Synthpop}

June is right around the corner, which means that Empire Of The Sun’s new record will see the light of day very, very soon. This is the first official single off their new album  (Ice On The Dune), which is being released on Astralwerks.

The Men – “B Minor” {Garage Rock/Punk}

This track will be featured on The Men’s new limited-edition vinyl compilation Todo Muere Vol. 3, which also includes a Zola Jesus cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and Moon Duo’s German-language version of their own track “I Can See.” The compilation is out on Record Store Day (April 20th) and is only limited to 1,000 copies.

Pusha T – “Numbers On The Boards” {Rap/Hip Hop}

Pusha T’s new track has been a hot topic this past week, as apparently the rapper decided to spontaneously release it to compete with other hot new tracks from Timbaland, Swiss Beatz and Jay-Z. Competitive much?

Union Cinema – “Can’t Get Rid Of” {Alternative Rock}

We fell in love with this track as soon as we heard it just because it has some sweet Smiths/Ramones vibes going on. The duo hails from Lima, Peru, and you can purchase the track for $0.99 via iTunes here; (but make sure you give them some “Like” love on Facebook while you’re at it).

Ra Ra Riot – “All I Fear” {Pop/Rock}

Here’s yet another awesome Record Store Day track from the Syracuse-based New Yorkers, which is off the their new 10″ vinyl Binary Mind. The release is out on April 20th (and is only limited to 1,000 copies) and also features three demo versions of Ra Ra Riot’s previously released tracks.

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