Daft Punk – “AllSpark” {Electronic}

With all the fake Daft Punk tracks floating around the web, can you really blaming us for thinking that this is some sick, belated April Fool’s joke taking advantage of us Daft Punk/Transformers fans? Apparently this is the first single off the duo’s highly-anticipated new album Random Access Memories – big day in the music world, folks!

Walla – “Never Give Up” {Instrumental}

We didn’t realize that Death Cab for Cutie’s guitarist has been releasing solo material for years now (don’t judge), so we were pretty shocked when we first heard this new instrumental single of his. This is actually one of two new Walla singles; to listen to his surprisingly Death Cab-ish collaborative track with Sombear (“Incredibly Still”) click here.

Black Lips – “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” {Country}

We were just as shocked as the next Black Lips fan that the unpredictable psych rockers decided to cover Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings and release the track as a single, but that’s the Black Lips for you. The song is off their new joint release with Icky Blossoms (a 7″ titled Cowboy Knights) which is out April 20th, and you can listen to the track via Soundcloud here.

!!! – “One Girl/One Boy” {Electropop/Funk}

!!! has always been pretty funkalicious, but this new track of theirs is the most funked up !!! we’ve ever heard. This is the second single off their forthcoming album THR!!!LER (which is being released at the end of the month); to listen to the album’s first single “Slyd” click here.

Oberhofer – “Earplugs” {Pop/Rock}

Brooklyn’s Oberhofer are back with a brand new five-track EP NOTALGIA, and we’re counting down the days until its release on April 23rd. Apparently the group’s mainman (Brad Oberhofer) wrote this tune as a tribute to a friend he lost to drug addiction. Touching stuff. 

Mesita – “Kingston” {Experimental/Indie Rock} + Free download

We included Mesita’s awesome self-released album The Coyote in our Top Albums of 2012 list late last year, so we were pretty stoked to see that James Cooley has some new music in the works. There’s still no official release date for his upcoming album Future Proof, but you can stay up to date on any Mesita-related news by checking out his Tumblr.

CocoRosie – “After the Afterlife” {Electropop}

If you haven’t heard of CocoRosie before and/or you’re a fan of Metric then you should definitely be giving this tune a listen. The track is off the Parisian sisters’ new album Tales of a Grass Widow, which is being released May 27th (in Europe) and May 28th (North America).  

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{Photo credit: Daft Punk}



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