Florence + the Machine – “Lover to Lover” {Pop/Rock}

Florence Welch takes a stab at normalcy by starring in her band’s new music video as a housewife who would rather drown in the ocean than be married to a chain-smoking douchebag. (Welcome to the real world girlfriend). The video was directed by Vincent Haycock and also stars Ben Mendelsohn.

LE1F & Boody – “Soda” {Experimental Rap}

Whatever is in the LE1F & Boody kool aid must be a whole lotta awesome, because this brand new music video is one big sugary explosion of colours and hypnotic purple dreadlocks; (you’ve been forewarned).

Darwin Deez – “Free (The Editorial Me)” {Pop/Rock}

Sporting a hot visor and his classic curly-cues, Darwin Deez stars in his own Groundhog Day-type music video as a grocery store employee reliving the same strange moment in time over, and over and over again. Ninian Doff directs.

Hot Chip – “Don’t Deny Your Heart” {Electropop}

In Hot Chip’s latest music video, things get a little out of control when the bandmembers start playing a football video game on their tour bus. Long story short, all the players start making out with each other, and then two giant, glittery players stand in the middle of the field and embrace each other in one “extraordinarily tender” moment. You have to see it to believe it.

The Sea and Cake – “On and On” {Alternative Rock}

Get ready to be entertained by a bunch of random lines and squiggles thanks to the animation talents of Naomi Nagata. This is actually the second single from the band’s new LP Runner, which was released via Thrill Jockey Records.

How to Destroy Angels – “Ice Age” {Folk/Pop}

Whether all you hardcore Nine Inch Nails fans out there like it or not, Trent Reznor’s wife (Mariqueen Maandig) takes center stage in his group’s new music video, which is nearly seven minutes in length and directed by John Hillcoat (The Road, Lawless)

Frightened Rabbit – “Dead Now” {Rock}

The Scottish lads give us an inside look at the day in the life of a touring Frightened Rabbit by releasing a video consisting of drunkishly dancing dudes with mean, Rico Suave-like shoulder dance moves. The video was filmed during the band’s recent tour around America.

The Crystal Ark – “We Came To” {Electronic/Experimental}

These DFA darlings just debuted a brand new music video which was directed by vocalist Viva Ruiz and packed full of all sorts of crazy visuals and animations and….hold up, they know how to Vogue in space?

Kate Nash – “Fri-end” {Pop}

Besides Kate Nash’s creepy vampire teefs, this video is packed full of all sorts of scary images no good person should be exposed to, like monsters taking shots of blood and goblins playing air piano.

Local Natives – “Breakers” {Alternative Rock}

We’re pretty sure that this music video is supposed to have some kind of storyline, but all we saw was a bunch of images of people wearing creepy white masks, random rolling, and an astronaut chewing some food. The track is off the group’s forthcoming album Hummingbird, which is due on January 28th (or January 29th in the U.S.)

Prince – “Rock and Roll Love Affair” {Pop/Soul}

Prince came out of his purple, Internet-hating closet to prove that he still has some sexy swagger (even whilst sporting a possible toupee). Anywherethehelldidthiscomefrom, no word as to whether this track will be included on an upcoming release.

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