Angus Stone – “Monsters” {Folk}

You know how us “Catholic” girls can be, (being suckers for men who look like Jesus and all), so we’ve been creepily keeping our eye on Angus Stone for quite some time now. Poor Angus ended up getting a broken tooth and 13 stitches in his leg during the filming of this video, which isn’t surprising given that he pretty much gets his ass kicked throughout.

Paul Banks – “Young Again” {Alternative Rock}

It’s good to see that venturing into solo waters hasn’t messed with the Interpol frontman’s songwriting skills, because the first single off his solo album is as depressing as the most depressing of Interpol songs (which is saying a lot). In this video, Banks tackles various important childhood issues like boring teachers and getting your ass kicked by a bunch of school bullies; but don’t worry, Bansky boy gets his sweet revenge thanks to his killer dodgeball skills.

The Gaslight Anthem – “Here Comes My Man” {Rock}

For all you awesome Canadians out there who spent countless nights curled up in front of the TV watching Are You Afraid of the Dark reruns, prepare to have your childhood minds’ blown, because the Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert (AKA Megan) stars in this new Gaslight Anthem music video. (Oh yeah, and she played Kim Bauer on 24 too).

Wild Nothing – “Paradise” {Dream Pop}

Somehow the mega actress Michelle Williams went from riding up, down and all around Brokeback Mountain, to starring in B-grade indie music videos, and the result is nothing short of awesome. The video was directed by Matthew Amato, and features a voiceover from Williams who reads from the 1975 Iris Murdoch novel A Word Child.

Bloc Party – “Kettling” {Rock}

If there’s one thing you can learn from Bloc Party’s latest music video, it’s that little gingers and Red Rover don’t mix. The single is off the band’s most recent album Four, which was released via Frenchkiss Records.

The xx – “Chained” {Indie Pop}

Get ready for some slo-mo underwater action, because the latest video from The xx is packed full of it. The single is off their new album Coexist, and the video was directed by Young Replicant (who also directed yet another watery video for Purity Ring).

Empress Of – “Champagne” {Electronic/Experimental}

Who knew that eating a watermelon could be so hypnotizing? Well apparently the director of this music video did, because the entire video consists of triplet shots of some random chick munching on a watermelon for an entire three minutes. Mix that together with some random shots of aliens and you have yourself a winner.

Poor Moon – “Holiday” {Indie Rock}

Actor Tom Skerritt stars in this depressingly lighthearted One-Flew-Over-The-Cuckoo’s-Nest-style music video, and the single is off the Seattle-based band’s self-titled debut LP which was released earlier this year.

They Might Be Giants – “Vote or Don’t Vote” {Pop/Rock}

If you happen to live in America then first off, we’re totally peer pressuring you to vote right now, and second, if our peer pressuring skills didn’t work then feast your eyes on this bad boy:

Mumford & Sons – “Lover of the Light” {Folk}

Mumford and his sons have released a brand spankin’ new music video for a single off their recent album Babel. The video stars Brit actor Idris Elba (Prometheus, The Wire), who also directs the video as well, and it documents the trials and tribulations of a blind man going about his daily routine.

White Rabbits – “I’m Not Me” {Alternative Rock}

In this music video, the White Rabbits members come across a nasty pile of garbage in the streets of Seattle, and after rummaging around the pile for a few minutes they end up finding a mysterious nasty/smelly/hairy-looking creature; (and no, it isn’t Chad Kroeger). Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick direct.

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