Now that the election season is in full swing and everyone is talking about free health care, world peace and flying purple unicorns, it’s time to focus your attention onto more important things….like awesome music.

Luckily for you the Liverpool-based Hillary and the Democrats released a new EP called Den Svenska just in time for their name to be “automatically redundant and confusing.” With songs about salad dressing, being left cold by power ballads and Swedish lawn-games, no topic is left uncovered with this group of English indie-poppers (whose fanbase even consists of Henry Winkler AKA The Fonz).

In the past the group has played gigs with Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures, Allo Darlin and Tender Trap, and they also performed one of their top tracks “If I Were The President” on the popular Brit soap opera Hollyoaks back in June of 2009; (watch their cameo here).

Check out the video for one of their new singles below, and to purchase Den Svenska for as little as ₤4 click here.

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