Marshmallow (2012)

Born 3,000 years ago and resurrected in 1985, Hongo Fuu, the spawn of an evil male alien and a she-demon, was destined to conquer the world and later destroy it with his powerful chords and devastating riffs. Instead he decided to spare the lives of the pathetic human beings and create awesome music in hopes they reach a higher and supreme state of mind. That, plus gummy bears.

Hongu Fuu (which is technically a solo project) just self-released their first EP Marshmallow Sleep back in January, and their sound has been described as everything from experimental, psychedelic and stoner rock, and even SpaghettiWestern.

Check out two of the tracks off their new EP below, all of which can be downloaded for free via their Bandcamp page.

{Official website} {Facebook} {Bandcamp} {Soundcloud} {Photo credit: Hongu Fuu}

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