Here at RMD we love ourselves some good cheese; and luckily for us the new video for VulGarrity’s “Middle Finger Machine Gun” is loaded with it, (so prepare yourself for a whole lotta epicness).

The brother-sister duo (consisting of Tracy and Shawn Garrity) are based out of Providence, and have been coined as Rhode Island’s favourite multi-instrumental sibling rock duo (and rightfully so).

The band has received rave reviews over the past few years for their electrifying live performances, during which the two swap instruments (sometimes several times during a show), use samples and loop pedals (none pre-recorded) and even record riffs live in front of the audience. The two also state that they have an “unhealthy” obsession with horror movies, which is said to have an influence on the death and macabre subject matter in their music.

Their tunes have also received airplay on both satellite and college radio, as well as on various MTV hit shows such as Made, Cribs, Teen Cribs and My Life as Liz, and they were even invited to share the stage with the likes of The Misfits, Mike Doughty and The Prodigals.

Not only that, Tracy and Shawn also participate in an “un-reality show” series directed by Schjoay Productions’ Johnny C., which follows the duo’s misadventures with gangsta leprechauns, drug-addicted house pets, vampire romance warfare and much more; (check out the highlarious “Pets Gone Wild” episode here).

“Middle Finger Machine Gun” is a brand new track off the group’s recently released album Funkeology; check out the new deliciously cheesy video for the tune below:

VulGarrity is currently prepping for Funkeology’s October release, and the album will be available for pre-order/purchase on their official website as well as iTunes, Amazon and several of the other major aggregators.

{Official website} {Facebook} {Twitter} {Bandcamp} {ReverbNation} {Photo credit: VulGarrity}

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