Despite a near-band break-up and a successful solo project by the group’s vocalist, the latest single from The Rocketboys is proof that the future of this Austin-based is still looking as bright as ever.

The Rocketboys have been gaining momentum over the past few years thanks to a string of highly acclaimed releases, but the group nearly disbanded last year after three members decided to focus on other musical projects; (current vocalist Brandon Kinder had apparently written the record as a way of “[coming] to terms with his disappointment and anger towards former bandmates”).

Although Kinder released a solo EP under the name The Wealthy West and even went on to write the theme song for The Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold), he and the other two remaining band members (Justin Wiseman and Josh Campbell) decided to continue releasing music as a group, and started recording their recent album at their own home studio with the help of CJ Eiriksson (who previously worked with U2, Live and Phish).

“The Best” is the first single off The Rocketboys’ new album, which can be purchased for as little as $10 here.

The Rocketboys are currently in the midst of The Invisible Children Tour; for more info on any upcoming dates click here.

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