Here We Go Magic – “Hard to be Close” {Pop/Folk}

The latest music video from Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic documents the trials and tribulations of three men as they get trapped in an elevator for a billion years (true story). There’s some urination, unfortunate body hair, and some of the rudest elevator manners I have ever seen. Talk about the elevator ride from hell.

David Byrne and St. Vincent – “Who” {Experimental/Funk}

It’s “Once in a Lifetime,” version 2012! As if hearing the first single of the latest collaboration project between The Talking Heads’ David Byrne and multi-instrumentalist St. Vincent wasn’t shockingly awesome enough, now there’s a music video too. Plus the duo pulls off some sweet robotic dance moves in unison. Why can’t all collaborations be like this?

Deerhoof – “Fête D’Adieu” {Experimental Pop}

According to this music video, you can solve a lot of life’s problems just by dancing like a crackhead zombie. Apparently the video’s storyline is about a group of friends as they deal with saying goodbye to one another by interpretive dancing in Brooklyn’s McGolrick Park.

Holograms – “Fever” {Synthpunk}

It’s time to get those synth caps on, because you’re going to get a week’s worth of synth in t-minus four minutes. The latest music video from Sweden’s Holograms is a clusterfuck of random images (like Muhammed Ali, the first computer, pillow fights, etc. etc.) and is not for the fainthearted.

Tori Amos – “Flavor” {Classical Pop}

Back when Katy Perry was still in diapers, Tori Amos was known as the pastor’s daughter-turned-superstar in the music industry. Now the ginger songstress is back with a brand new album Gold Dust, which is set to be released on October 2nd via Deutsche Grammophon.

The Luyas – “Fifty Fifty” {Alternative Rock}

This music video stars a bunch of slap-happy, creepy wig-wearing folk who start blowing bubbles in their drink through a straw, and then poop the bubbles out of the bottom of the glass before consuming them. Yeah we don’t get it either.

Don Diablo – “Lights Out Hit” ft. Angela Hunte {Electronic/Rap}

The famed Dutch DJ Don Diablo just debuted a brand new video for a single featuring Angela Hunte AKA one of the writers of Jay-Z/Alicia Keys’ smash hit “Empire State of Mind.” The video is said to be inspired by Diablo’s love for animals and black magic, and was directed by Tom Geradts.

Ultraista – “Bad Insect” {Electronic/Pop}

The main man behind this new band is none other than Radiohead’s longtime producer Nigel Godrich, (who is also in the midst of a collaboration project called Atoms for Peace with Flea and Thom Yorke). The track is off the group’s self-titled debut LP, which is out October 2nd.

Chairlift – “I Belong in Your Arms” {Synthpop}

Yes this is actually happening: Brookyn’s Chairlift has decided to release one of their singles in Japanese to celebrate the fact that their sophomore LP Something is now availabe in Japan; (vocalist Caroline Polachek spent some time there when she was a child). Who knew air drumming and armpit hair were big in Japan?

Boom Bip – “All Hands” ft. Bon Iver’s Mike Noyce {Electronic/Experimental} (NSFW)

This video was directed by Ian & Cooper, and is supposedly about “anthropomorphic sperm on his journey to life.” The video stars Sander Pick and Nadya Panchenko, while the single features Bon Iver’s Mike Noyce.

Beat Connection – “Further Out” {Electropop}

Thought-provoking lyrics overlapping a murder of crows, it doesn’t get much deeper than this. This track is the latest single off the Seattle band’s debut LP The Palace Garden, which was released via Tender Age/Moshi Moshi.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Time to be Clear” {Folk}

Turns out the miserable Scottish weather is affecting bunny rabbits too, because this music video is about as depressing as it gets; (you’ve been forewarned).  The video was created by Mike Ayers, Dustin Glick and Nicklaus Deyring, and the track is off his 2011 album Wolfroy Goes to Town.

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