White Lung – “Bag” {Punk}

This band is so awesome that even whilst being dragged through the British Columbian forests by a masked kidnapper, the drummer still doesn’t miss a beat. The single is off the Vancouver-based band’s latest LP Sorry, and the video was directed by Liam Mitchell.

Ami Saraiya & The Outcome – “I’m Pregnant” {Cabaret Pop}

The last time we checked having an animated chalk drawing of a fetus on your stomach didn’t exactly constitute as being pregnant, but according to this music video it does. Saraiya used to perform in the Chicago-based pop collective Radiant Darling, but this track is off her second solo album Soundproof Box.

Animal Collective – “Today’s Supernatural” {Psych Rock}

This is the first single off Animal Collective’s highly anticipated forthcoming album Centipede Hz, which is due out on September 4th. Directed by Danny Perez, the video has some mad ICP vibes going on, combined with shots of piñata heads driving go-carts, disembodied arms swinging Flinstone-style clubs…what’s not to like?

Party Lines – “Hot to the Touch” {Indie Pop}

As if were we going to let a gem like this slip through the cracks. The single (which has enough cheesy synth to last a lifetime) is off the band’s debut EP which will be released this September.

Aimee Mann – “Charmer” {Pop/Rock}

It’s hard for me to be sympathetic towards musicians who bitch about touring, but after watching Aimee get jealous of her own robot double, I can definitely feel her pain. The video was directed by Tom Scharpling (who has also created music videos for The New Pornographers, Wild Flag, Real Estate, The Stepkids, and many more), and features cameos from Laura Linney and John Hodgman.

Grimes – “Genesis” {Electronic/Experimental}

Here’s yet another incomprehensible, self-directed video from our new favourite Québécois artist, which is off her highly-acclaimed album Visions. The video is said to be inspired by fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl and Hieronymus Bosch’s The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things painting.

Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built” {Punk/Rock}

Given that this single was recently voted as Stereogum’s “Indie Song of the Summer,” it was only a matter of time before the Vancouver-based band released a music video for it. Directed by Jim Larson and produced by Pitchfork.tv, the video gives a bird’s-eye view of a regular day in the life of a Japandroid.

Frightened Rabbit – “State Hospital” {Folk/Rock}

Even though Frightened Rabbit has been around since 2003, the band has been getting a lot of buzz over the last year as fans prep for the release of their forthcoming State Hospital EP, (due out September 25th). The Scottish indie rockers only just revealed this title track, but wasted no time in posting its dark and dreary music video.

The Flaming Lips – “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (NSFW) {Experimental}

After all the glittery drama with Erykah Badu and Wayne Coyne, we weren’t too surprised to see that Ms. Jackson’s daughter was replaced with a nude Amanda Palmer. The track is yet another single off the band’s recent collaborative album Heady Fwends.

Garbage – “Big Bright World” {Rock/Pop}

If you were expecting the video to mimic its cheery-sounding title, think again; (this is Garbage we’re talking about after all). The single is off their fifth studio album Not Your Kind of People, and the Los Angeles-based artist Julie Orser directs.

The Dandy Warhols – “Alternative Power to the People” {Alternative Rock}

The Dandy Warhols are clearly channeling all the frustration from the never ending Brian Jonestown “rivalry” into an intense politically-inspired music video; (the members even stated that they wanted to display images of power “without making a statement about any particular kind of power”). Okay then. The track is off their eight album This Machine, which was released via The End Records.

King Tuff – “Alone and Stoned” {Garage Pop}

You may or may not know the band’s frontman (Kyle Thomas) as the former member of the stoner metal band Witch, but now you will forever know him as that stoned dude with a painting of a red kitty cat on his wall. The video features cameos from members of Hunx and His Punx, Shannon and The Clams.

Beck – “Cities” {Experimental/Electronic}

This song is one of the three new Beck tracks which were written for the new PlayStation 3 game Sound Shapes. Not only does the video follow around a yellow bouncing dot as it launches onto buildings, it also spells out all the complicated song lyrics for you, just in case you forget.

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