As soon as we read that a member of Hot Hot Heat remixed Latenite Automatic’s latest single, we had a sneaking suspicion that their music was going to be pretty epic.

Latenite Automatic is described as “the brainchild” of the Vancouver-based musician Jay Brown (who can be credited for the vocals, guitar, synths, piano, bass, beats and programming), but the band’s line-up also features a “revolving door” of talented guest musicians, producers and DJs.

Their music has a unique mix of the electronic, electro, rock and even punk genres, and although Brown is apparently new to the Vancouver music scene, this is definitely one group to keep your ears peeled on if you live in the Vancity area.

“This is what a band of vampires might sound like after they’ve been up all night snorting powdered blood and drinking aged hemoglobin”

Brown has self-released four singles to date, with his latest single (“Living Proof”) being remixed by none other than Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat; (and if you are unaware of the awesomeness that is Hot Hot Heat, then click here or here).

He is currently working on the group’s debut album and is prepping for a tour this fall; to stay up to date on Latenite Automatic’s upcoming shows check out the links after the jump.

To purchase the “Living Proof” single for as little as $1 CAD click here.

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{Photo credit: Kerryn Cooper}

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