Because we’re a sucker for every/any independent band that can pull off some sweet Joy Divisionish riffs, RMD would like to introduce The Dying Falls, a brand spankin’ new band based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

The group was originally founded last summer as a studio project by singer/songwriter Matt Axten (who previously performed with The Fixations), along with producer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Van Middlesworth. By January of 2012, the group became a full band after the addition of another multi-instrumentalist Dan Thorn (formerly of The Sinister Turns) and drummer Alexis.

Several of their tracks have already received airplay on various radio shows in Boston such as 95.3 FM WHRB’s Record Hospital and 88.1 FM WMBR’s Pipeline; (Pipeline’s host Jeff Breeze even invited the band to perform a set live on the show back in April).

“Youth Goes Bad” is the first single off their debut EP Driftwood, which was released back in February, and both the tracks off the EP are available as free downloads here.

{Tumblr} {Facebook} {Twitter} {Bandcamp} {Photo credit: The Dying Falls}

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