Endless Corridors (2012)

In the famous words of the band’s lead singer Dominic: “If Freddie Mercury and Noel Gallagher had a commitment ceremony and adopted a child, that child would be LAVERS.”

Lavers is based out of Canberra, Australia and consists of two brothers, Dominic and Sebastian Lavers. Thanks to a sound that is comparable to everyone from Ryan Adams and The Verve, to Fleet Floxes and Sam Roberts, the brothers achieved national coverage in Australia after the release of their first two singles (“Cosmic Ambulance and “Old-Fashioned Girl”), both of which were featured on Australia’s very own Triple J.

The brotherly duo just released a brand new single “Our Little Empire” which is off their 7-track EP Endless Corridors. The EP was written, recorded and produced in the basement of their family home, and was later mixed at Studios 301 in Sydney by Simon Todkill (who has previously worked with Kanye Waste, Nantes and The Griswolds).

The video for “Our Little Empire” was shot in Japan by Holyman Pictures, and the stop-motion animation video for their other new single “Tangled up in Dreams” was created to help raise awareness for blindness. The video is packed full of more than 1,500 images which took more than six months to piece together (and only AU$185 to make), and has since been promoted by international organizations such as The Fred Hollows Foundation, Vision2020 International and Sightsavers.

Check out both of the videos below, and to purchase the Endless Corridors EP for as little as AU$5 click here.

The band is also offering free downloads of some of their tunes via their Soundcloud page.

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