"Still Water" 2012

We Canadians know all too well what it’s like to be stalked by animals in the wilderness, but nothing compares to what the members of The Trip had to endure during the filming of their latest music video.

The group shot the video for “Still Water” at a country ranch just outside of Calgary near Turner Valley, but its awesomeness shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to fans given that their previous video for “On The First Time” ended up winning MTVu’s Freshman Video Contest in January 2012, and was even featured on websites like Funny Or Die and ESPN.com.

The track is off The Trip’s self titled debut album which is available for purchase at major retails as well as via AmazoniTunes and the OK!Good Records’ official website. You can also download the entire album as a zip file for $9.99 or each individual MP3 for as little as $0.99 here.

Check out the highliarious video for “Still Water” below; (and make sure you prepare those virgin eyeballs for a whole lot of animalistic molestation and flatulence).

“Spending long days in the wilderness of Canada can change the perspective of any man..They say out there, the wild animals rule…”

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