Record Time (2012)

They’ve opened for The Who, toured with Collective Soul, and even used recording equipment from Abbey Road Studios, and now the Philadelphia-based Wanderlust are prepping for the future release of their brand new album Record Time.

The band has been around since the early 1990s, and their 1995 debut album Prize was declared as “one of the most transporting debut albums of the year” by Timothy White of Billboard Magazine; (the album’s single “I Walked” received a ton of airplay in the U.S. as well).

Since then the band members have been busy with their own musical side projects, with bassist Mark Getten forming an experimental band called Indignitaries, and Rob Bonfiglio (who is married to Carnie Wilson) releasing a solo album in 2008 and forming another band called The Skies of America; (one of their tracks “Shine” was featured on the Bridge to Terabithia soundtrack). Scot Sax was hired as a staff songwriter for the Warner Chappell Publishing Company and helped pen the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw hit “Like We Never Loved At All.” He also formed his own band Bachelor Number One in 1999, and one of their singles (“Summertime”) was featured on the American Pie soundtrack.

Check out our interview with Scot Sax below as he discusses opening for The Who, hanging out with Ringo Starr, and his upcoming documentary about the world of songwriters.

RMD: What was it like using recording equipment from Abbey Road Studios?
Scot: Exciting, but scary – ‘cause if we didn’t sound good we couldn’t blame it on the gear.

RMD: You’ve already toured with Collective Soul and opened for The Who, who do you secretly hope to tour/open for next?
Scot: I want to be on Katy Perry’s tour. Or Gaga! Huge props and fat cash.

RMD: Do you regret not playing “Pinball Wizard” when you opened for The Who in Maryland?
Scot: In a way. We would have made ourselves a lot more famous if we did. But then again, famous for pissing off our idols. Not good.

RMD: Did you ever get to meet Ringo Starr’s son?
Scot: Zach! Sure did. I’ll tell ya, we were really on fire about opening for The Who and meeting the three surviving bandmates, but my heart started racing knowing there was Beatle blood within a few feet.  Two years ago I got to hang out with Ringo for an afternoon. I brought up gigging with his son and I think it was nice for him to not have to talk about the Beatles for once. I felt good about our hang. He said Zach and Townsend would say “fuck you” and “fuck off” to each other during shows and that made it edgy and fun.

RMD: How would you describe the Philadelphia music scene right now?
Scot: More folky than funky musically speaking as far as I can tell. Which is interesting for a city known for its soul side a la Gamble and Huff of the 70’s.

RMD: What are your plans for the rest of 2012?
Scot: I am making a film actually. A documentary about the world of songwriters.

RMD: Who is your favourite Beatle?
Scot: Whoever is singing while I’m listening. But seriously, probably Paul.

The band’s forthcoming album Record Time is set to be released on September 25th via Zip Records; to get a preview of some of the tracks click here.

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