When it comes to releasing eye-catching music videos, the Brooklyn-based Happy Lives certainly know how to set the stage for up and coming musicians.

The group just posted the video for one of their new tracks “Slacks and Slippers” earlier this month, and not only did the group’s lead vocalist/guitarist Mike Lande come up with the concept of the video (along with videographer John Beamer) he did all of the editing as well. Both Mike and Julian Beale (the keyboardist) star in the video, although since filming drummer Seth Nicoletti was added to the line-up.

The band released their debut record this past February, and two of the tracks (“We’re So…” and “Gums”) were also re-released via the Brooklyn DIY label The Snake. Mike wrote, performed and produced the album “between a bedroom in Bushwick and a basement in Boston,”  and explained how he initially started to “experiment with the line” between a DJ and a rock band during the recording process:

“I knew I didn’t want to litter the stage with performers so the computer became the solution…When Julian joined I had already built a series of midi instruments out of the pieces of the songs – everything from drum and bass loops to back-up vocals. He started fucking around with these through a midi keyboard, sometimes stacking a bunch on top of one another, and we realized that we discovered a completely ridiculous and self-involved way of remixing the tracks live.”

You can purchase their new album as a name-your-price download via their Bandcamp page, or buy the four-panel jacket and CD bundle for as little as $5.

Happy Lives are slated to perform at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on August 9th, at Woodstock 5 in Boston on August 18th, and at the Park Rock Fest in Maryland on September 2nd. For more info on their upcoming shows click here.

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