If you’re a fan of Joy Division, Surfer Blood or any other post-punk/shoegaze group for that matter, then you should definitely give this band a listen.

This Bristol-based four-piece consists of “Hugh Grant,” “Chocolate Bear,” “Stabu Hanzer” and “Sweaty Child Bladder” (AKA “Ban Jo Jo”); and Alex Rogers from Live Music Scene recently compared listening to their music to “kissing an ex-girlfriend; a melancholy pleasure that leaves you wanting more.”

The group just revealed two new singles (“Veils/Earning”) which will officially be released as a double A-side on August 26th via Howling Owl Records (a label known for releasing music by The Naturals, Towns, Velcro Hooks and Holy Stain). Around the time of its release, the band will be making a special announcement regarding its physical format; to stay up to date on any future news from the band as well as upcoming concerts, then check out their Facebook page.

{Facebook} {Photo credit: Tidal Wars}

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