Digitalism – “Falling” {Electronic}

The only thing better than a brand new Digitalism music video is a brand new Digitalism music video full of random, vintage shots of farm animals and children doing absolutely nothing. The track is off the band’s recent DJ-Kicks compilation; (more info here).

Passion Pit – “I’ll Be Alright” {Electropop}

Passion Pit’s new video stars a deranged security guard who pops a bunch of pills and starts making out with a singing golden triangle; (true story). The song is off the group’s new album Gossamer which will be released tomorrow, and its video was the winning submission for a recent contest held by

Magic Trick – “Invisible at Midnight” {Folk/Pop}

Magic Trick is Steve Cohen’s recent side project (you may know him as the man behind Fresh & Only, but in this video he’s the Jesus-looking man with a mean clapping habit). The track is off the band’s second album Ruler of the Night, and its video is about a little girl who tries to revive her goldfish after feeding it to death.

Dan Deacon – “True Thrush” {Alternative Electronic}

This video stars a crapload of different people from the Baltimore Arts Community (like the Baltimore Museum of Art, Copycat Theater, Red Room Collective and many more), and is apparently based around a popular drawing game in the Baltimore art collective Wham City. Deacon co-directs along with the Baltimore-based filmmaker Ben O’Brien.

Hot Chip – “Look at Where We Are” {Electronic/Pop}

Directed by the Animal Collective visual collaborator Danny Perez, this music video is about some kind of Frankenstein/autopsy experiment involving strawberries, (yes, strawberries).

The Vaccines – “Teenage Icon” {Punk/Rock}

Check out The Vaccines as they transform into female versions of themselves after riding an elevator into an alternate universe. “Teenage Idol” is the second single off the group’s highly-anticipated new album The Vaccines Come of Age which is set for release on September 3rd.

SSION – “Feelz Good (4-Ever)” {Experimental/Electronic}

This video is bound to fuel even more comparisons between SSION’s main man Cody Critcheloe and the late Freddie Mercury, (Critcheloe has even been described as the “weird-looking Freddie Mercury pixie,” “Freddie Mercury on acid,” “a Freddie Mercury/CocoRosie lovechild by artificial insemination;” you get my drift).

The Rebel Light – “Goodbye Serenade” {Indie Rock}

Prepare yourself to get edumucated with this historically-inspired music video which is packed full of clips covering important moments in history (like 9/11 and the 1969 moon landing) as well as important people in history like Martin Luther King, Obama, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Oh, Yoko (well that went downhill fast).

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