A few years ago the members of this three-piece rock group were performers in a blues/rock cover band, but after branching off and forming their own band in 2010 their original tunes are already being compared to The Temper Trap, Coldplay and The Killers.

Based out of Charleston, South Carolina, the band consists of Nathan, Christopher and Tanner; (Nathan is also involved in another “somewhat” side project called Tiny Garden, which he describes as “just a collection of folk songs”).

The band has been releasing various singles and EPs since their formation, (some of which have yet to be officially released), but their official full-length debut Comfort was released this past April via Giant Kid Records.

When asked if Giant Kid Records was the band’s own record label, Nathan innocuously responds with:

“Were Jack and Meg White really brother/sister or did they just cover up their marriage to get more publicity? Hmmmmmmmm. I think so. The suspense, the mystery!!”


Okay then.


Check out two of the band’s music videos for “Rave Monks” (which features footage from the 1976 film Joy Ride) and “The American Tourist below, but if you like what you hear you should head on over to their Bandcamp page to buy the album for $6.99 or the single for as little as $1.

Heyrocco is in the midst of prepping for a U.S. tour this summer (thanks to “The Bat-Van” going through some much-needed repairs); to check out their upcoming tour dates click here.


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