Sick Logic is a heavy rock/metal band based out of Vancouver, BC who recently signed two separate licensing deals with Ring of Honor Wrestling and Universal Horror Movie Productions.

The group consists of Ace Bradley on vocals, Bam Kibosh on guitar, Ben Kadey on guitar, Mario Loubert on bass and Shiraz Mohammed on drums; (Shiraz also performs with the female-fronted pop/rock band Kieran Strange, Mario and Ben both perform in another rock band called Pedwell, and Bam writes hip-hop songs under the moniker Van East).

The band has been around since about 2005, although Bam is the only remaining original member. Their previous album (Deleted Scenes) was produced by Daniel Craig of Default and recorded at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, but the band’s recent release (Look at the Camera, Sweetheart) was produced and mixed entirely by the band themselves thanks to Mario’s producing/engineering talents. Since their formation, Sick Logic has signed a licensing deal with Ring of Honor Wrestling for the use of their tracks on broadcasts, TV, DVDs, PPV, etc., and two of their tracks (“Loose Ends” and “Clean X”) have been licensed to Universal Horror Movie Productions.

“We set out to record Look At the Camera, Sweetheart as a true rock record…we wanted to make a rock album that challenges the listener with no autotune, drum replacement, or any of those other bells and whistles that have taken away from the music we grew up loving.” ~ Ace Bradley

Look at the Camera, Sweetheart was recorded within a span of two days with the help of engineer Chris Holmes (who previously worked with Korn). “Bulletproof” is one of the tracks off the band’s recent album, and the members will start filming its music video next week.

Sick Logic is also offering free downloads of their music via their Soundcloud page.

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