Austra – “Spellwork” {Electronic}

Don’t let our friendly inhabitants fool you, because Canadians can be creepy and mysterious too….or at least they are in Austra’s latest music video which is packed full of red-hooded cults, sister witches and random epileptic shaking.
For more info on Austra click here.

Said the Whale – “O Alexandra” {Pop/Rock}

Count on a band from Vancouver to film a music video on a boat; (plus you have to give props to vocalist Ben Worcester for jumping into the freezing cold Pacific Ocean mid-song like a champ/true Vancouverite).

of Montreal – “Spiteful Intervention” {Alternative Pop}

The members of of Montreal are clearly on the good shit, and are taking the whole Brian Wilson-inspiration-thing to a whole new level with their latest music video.

Dr. Dog – “Lonesome” {Alt-Country}

Don’t you just love it when bassists go cray-cray? In this video, Dr. Dog’s bassist/vocalist Toby Leaman kidnaps his bandmates and holds them hostage whilst starting an epic food/confetti fight.

Real Estate – “Easy” {Pop/Rock}

Not only did this music video make our cold Canadian heart warm with laughter, it even gave us a few tips on self-promotion (like abducting Jake Fogelnest at knifepoint, taking him to the middle of the woods and holding a gun to his head). Take note, indie bands!

Jared Dymbort – “Family Values” {Electronic/Instrumental}

Jared Dymbort’s debut music video has all the essentials: Lonely one-eyed monsters, photographers having nervous breakdowns and close-ups of awkward facial expression; (why can’t every music video be like this?)
For more info on Jared Dymbort click here.

Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines” {Rock}

This Lord of the Flies-style music video stars a bunch of middle-class suburbia kids/teenagers who like to eat apples in coffins and set Jack White on fire. Why can’t they all just leave Jacky-boy alone?

Eight Bit Tiger – “Our World” {Electro/Pop}

There’s so much to love in Eight Bit Tiger’s latest music video, but in the end nothing tops the band’s video for “Bad Advice;” (click here to get your minds blown). If we weren’t robbed of our top 2011 list last year, then the video would have been “numero uno” on our list; but nevertheless “Our World” is a close second.

tUnE-yArDs – “My Country” {Experimental Pop/Afrobeat}

tUne-yArDs’ latest music video stars a bunch of chirr’en sporting face paint and interpretive dance moves, and the majority of the cast are from the San Francisco Rock Project, (a non-profit music school offering musical education to kids). Vocalist Merrill Garbus recently launched a Kickstarter fundraising project to help raise money for the students.

Modeselektor ft. Miss Platnum – “Berlin” {Electronic}

The story behind this video truly sells it; (if you build it, Modeselektor will come…and play at your wedding). No really, a fan actually e-mailed the band and asked them if they could perform at his wedding, and in return he would create a music video for them. Pretty cool stuff.

Chairlift – “Met Before” {Pop/Rock}

Have you ever watched a Queens of the Stone Age music video and felt the urge to reach inside the screen and manoeuvre Nick Oliveri out of the picture? Well Chairlift’s interactive music video lets you do just that (kind of) by letting the viewer control how the video storyline unfolds. Try it out here.


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