Toronto and Montreal may be the epicentre of Canada’s music scene, but Jordsy is living proof that the Canadian Prairies have a lot to offer in terms of great music.

Jordsy is an independent multi-instrumentalist/”musical machine” based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who has a sound that borders on the alternative, rock and folk genres, and vocals that cross between Jack White and John Lennon. He records and produces his music under his own label Sweet Knuckle Records, and has covered everyone from The Beatles, the Flying Burrito Bros., David Crosby and The Misfits. He’s also involved in the Winnipeg-based garage rock band, the Burnt Witch Survivors Group.

Jordsy’s recent New Age EP was released digitally on March 2nd, and he’s offering free downloads of the EP as well as his past recordings here as well as at his Soundcloud page.

Watch Jordsy’s awesome video for “RAR!” (which he produced and filmed himself) after the jump:

RMD: Tell us about your other band the Burnt Witch Survivors Group
J: Burnt Witch is a glorious project with my pals Jeremy Jackiew and Ryley Devine.  Jamming is great, recording is a riot and our shows are soaked with raw, juvenile energy.  Three guys, all fun and it really comes through in the music.  Our Support EP was self-recorded and has been received well by local publications.  Also, a track from that EP “Oh Goody” will be appearing on Juice Magazine’s (Venice Beach area) upcoming SK8Tracks compilation.  We’ve done great in our short time and there’s definitely more to come.

RMD: What instruments do you play?
J: I am way awesome on the guitar, bass, drums; can manage fairly well on the harmonica, mandolin, banjo; can play a wee-bit of piano. Speaking of the latter, I’ve recently figured out how to play “These Eyes” by that guy from here with the mustache and also discovered it sounds better with a ska beat and ad-libbed lyrics, mostly relating to Sesame Street (Burt & Ernie).  Oh, I can also stomp in a bathtub whilst playing a cat.

RMD: How would you describe the music scene in Manitoba?
J: We have a pretty large scene here; hip-hop troops, indie crews, folk outfits, metal gangs, solo….acts… plenty of cover entourages and everything in between.  Don’t forget DJ’s!  We really have it all.  It seems like most people here are involved in multiple groups and projects, so it can all be pretty interrelated.  Then it boils down to if you like them or not, haha.

RMD: What’s a common misconception about the music scene in the Prairies?
J: That’s tough… I’m not really sure if I’ve heard any to argue against.  Maybe one could assume we’re all folky and stomp in bathtubs while playing the cat?  But seriously, I could see people thinking we lean more to the folk/country/blues sort of genres, being the prairies and all.  If so, that’s totally not true.  We’re as diverse here as anywhere, and if you dig a little deeper you may be even more surprised.  6 months of winter attributes to a lot of music being created.  I personally hate winter, so that’s when the bulk of my material is written.

RMD: What bands do you like to cover?
J: Solo I like to cover artists/groups from the 60’s that people may not know about but should such as David Crosby, The Flying Burrito Bros, Poco, Leon Russell etc. I also like lesser-known songs from better-known artists like The Beatles, The Misfits, Nirvana, Dead Weather, Radiohead etc.  For Burnt Witch it’s gotta be riot grrrl groups like Bikini Kill and Babes In Toyland.  Love it.  More people should.

RMD: Do you have any tips for bands hoping to follow your footsteps and produce their own videos?
J: Always keep a positive attitude.  Filming can be so creative and fun, though that’s the easy part compared to editing. I did mine mostly on Windows 7 Movie Maker and between the editing, loading, crashes, mishaps and the hours upon hours it takes to complete it can poison your mind and make you grieve over the idea.  But once you’re done, you’re done!  Not only are you adding another layer to yourself as an artist but you’ve created a memory that lasts a lifetime, a memory that can be relived at any moment, and that feeling is tremendous.  You’ll find that it’s well worth it.

RMD: What’s your new favourite Canadian band?
J: Though not really new, my fav goes to The Sheepdogs.  I’m so incredibly happy for those guys.  I’ve been to quite a few of their Winnipeg shows over the past 4 years and they were always spectacular, and I mean fucking spectacular.  Nice guys too.  I was hanging out with them before a gig once and was asking Leot why he doesn’t sing and he basically told me he’s too shy, which blew me away. The guy plays the most perfect lead guitar and he’s completely humble, and I think that speaks on the rest of the band.  They totally deserve it.

RMD: Who is your favourite Beatle?
J: Lennon.  Paul is phenomenal, George is astronomical, but Lennon has had the biggest impact on me.  Nothing against Ringo of course, he’s hysterical!  Anyways, in my opinion there has been multiple Lennons and each phase he made his own.  Ever heard 2 Virgins?  It’s terrible yet so awesome he did it!  The art, the poetry, the politics, the interviews and of course the music… he had a special way about things.  I didn’t seriously attempt singing until I was 18/19 and taught myself to by singing his parts in Beatles songs and to his solo stuff, so I owe him for that.  And if it comes through in my voice, now you know.

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