Computer Magic (AKA  Danielle Johnson) has just released her long-awaited “minimix” EP Orion via Kitsuné, which is essentially a “preview” of her upcoming debut album.

Danielle (also known as “Danz” in the blogosphere) is a 22-year-old DJ/blogger, and started recording music as a side project in between her university studies back in 2010. She states that her band name is derived from a Spinal Tap quote, and her sound is inspired by the Philip K. Dick novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

You can purchase Orion at Kitsuné’s online store, but the entire five-track EP is available as a free download as well:

But for your viewing pleasure, we’ve decided to include Computer Magic’s video for “Grand Junction” which is off her 2011 Spectronic EP. (It’s been our favourite track as of late, so it seems only necessary to include it in this post).

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